Ruby’s Show and Tell

Gran and PawPaw came to town during the week of Ruby’s show and tell date at school.  Gran is retired from being a Media Specialist.  She knows all about elementary kids, and she can read-aloud with the best.  Ruby had decided that she wanted to show her friends at school all of her “Ruby” books.  I thought it would be perfect to have Gran read a few out loud while she was in town.  It all worked out perfectly!  Gran and PawPaw met at Ruby’s school around 11:00 and did show and tell, then they ate lunch with Ruby!  What a fun day.  Ruby said it was the best show and tell ever.  And that is how I had hoped she would feel about it.

Gran said that Ruby was very comfortable with her friends.  Ruby introduced her guests and then showed each of her books.  She was funny when she got to RUBY’S POTTY book.  She said, “I did NOT want to bring this one!”  She had told me that I could leave that one out, but I didn’t think she really didn’t want it there at all.  Gran said it was cute.  They read TEA FOR RUBY, Ruby’s favorite.  They also read RUBY IN HER OWN TIME, and then they sang a duck song after that.

These are the “Ruby” books and one “Molly” book hanging in the girls room.

RUBY IN HER OWN TIME  was the first book we got with Ruby’s name in it.  Gran gave us the first one; a friend of mine sent me the same book a few months later.

It is about a little duck that takes a little longer to do things than the other ducklings.  The dad keeps telling the mom that she will catch up “in her own time.”

This is my favorite excerpt from the book:

Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

This is the most recent one we bought.  It’s about a little girl who is so excited to have been invited to have tea with the Queen.  She is a loud, fun-loving girl that others seem to think won’t have a clue how to act at tea with the Queen.
(Ruby starts soccer practice this Friday….just a side note.)
You have no idea how my Ruby hates getting her hair brushed.  It can be maddening!  I tell her that I don’t mean to hurt her and that I just have to brush her hair out.  She grunts and whines until it is over.  I may or may not tell her that we can cut all of her hair off if she wants to not have tangles.  Sometimes perspective is in order.
In the end, Ruby finds out that the invitation is for tea with her grandma!  How fun!  Now she can just be herself and not worry about all the rules of having tea that everyone was telling her.  It’s a very cute book.
Now here’s the book she didn’t want to have at school.  Gran definitely didn’t get to read this one out loud, but if she had, the kids would have loved it.  It is a great one.
By the end of the book, Ruby knows how to use her potty!  I have read this so many times in hopes that it would magically potty train my girls.  It didn’t potty train them, but it is a good book.
And this book is a dandy!  Ruby loves for me to read this one to her.  It’s about a little girl who is way too loud and can’t seem to use her “inside voice.”  She ends up learning how to sing and use her strong voice for something great.
Here, her teacher is using her buttons as “volume control.”
This book has great pictures, too.
I would love to share each book, but really, you might get bored with this.  I don’t want to leave Molly’s ONE book out!  It’s adorable.
This book is about a little girl named Molly who has a wonderful grandmother.  She tells her to “smile big and the world will smile with you” or “sing loud and the world with sing along with you.”  The little girl uses her grandmother’s advice when she moves to a new city and has to make new friends.  See, Molly is a bit different, but in the end she makes lots of new friends!
Isn’t she cute?!
She can definitely smile big, huh?
At the end of the book we get to see her grandmother…small and different, just like Molly.  Molly writes her grandmother to tell her that everything she told  her was right!
I love books!  They are so much fun!  In particular, the picture books.   I haven’t ever seen a book with the name “Mack” in the title, but I suppose I should be on the look out for at least one!  And my “Molly ” collection could use some work.  It’s amazing all the titles that have “Ruby” in them.  The reason I bought up so many is because she is my first, and once I realized there were some books with her name in the title, I started buying them!  I can’t pass them up, really.  So, if you see any with “Molly” or “Mack,”  give me a call and tell me where to find them!  I’d appreciate it.
Happy Reading.

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  1. you should go to pottery barn kids and make a book with their name…i know it’s not the same, but it will add to your library!?? cute books!

  2. hey kristy… i was looking at for some books for the babies recently and when i saw your post about books with their names, i started searching. i found several “ella” and a few “josiah” books. then i looked for molly and mack and found some of those too! there is “the cake that mack ate”, “molly in the garden”, “molly the pony”.. so you might want to check out amazon! there were more “molly” books than there were “mack” books, but atleast he would have one:) hope you are doing well!

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