Thanks, Mrs. Mary….I think.

Well, well, well…I am sitting at a computer that works completely.  Josh did a great thing and took the computer in to the APPLE store.  They fixed a very expensive part of the computer that was still under warranty.  Yipee.

Today I took Ruby to school and Molly to her Art and Music classes.  I always get to talk to Mrs. Mary, a great friend, while Mack plays with Ben and Katherine (Krafferine, as Mack says).  Their family is moving a couple of months or so.  It is a sad thing to think about for me, so I am choosing not to think about it too often.  Ruby and Katherine are such good friends.  They have been friends since they were little, little, little and bald.  Ok, enough about that.  I only tell you that sad news to tell you that we got some toys for our house that Mrs. Mary no longer needs/wants in her house.  She gave us a million little soldier and Indian men.  We also inherited those awesome cardboard bricks like you used to play with in Sunday School when you were a toddler.

Molly and Mack tore into all of it as soon as we got  home today, and they played for at least an hour and a half without coming downstairs.  Right now they are all three upstairs playing with all the new stuff.

And, Mrs. Mary, I think you will see that they like what you gave them.

I don’t know who will even begin to start putting any of this in it’s proper place, but that’s ok….cuz when you look at this cute, happy face, you just have to smile, too!

Ruby is all dressed up and telling me who is playing who and where the beds are and where “Pa” sleeps.  Though they are playing like they are on Little House on the Prairie, I cannot imagine that “Half Pint” ever saw such clothes as Ruby is sportin’.

Molly is a “princess” taking a nap.  I thought maybe she was a dog in a cage.

Ruby’s bed usually looks like this these days.  She reads all of the time.  So proud of her!

I hope I will be posting more regularly these days.  Josh wants to try to connect wirelessly again.  I don’t think I can take it.  Maybe I will go for a walk or do SOMETHING besides be a part of messing with the computer right now.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Mrs. Mary….I think.

  1. i LOVE those bricks! the soldiers…now that’s a different story! can you say “choking hazard” hahaha! i love the updated look of ‘half pint’…nice. real nice.

    so glad the computer is working too!

  2. Yea! Pictures of my grandkids again. Does that mean we can Skype again? I have missed talking to thoes three informative children. The last time I talked to them Ruby and Molly read me a book while Mack, in the background, changed into his Spider man undies. Just a quick look at the Dorminy household in action.

  3. Yay! Kristy, I am so glad they are enjoying the toys. I can see it didn’t take long to figure out why those toys needed to leave my house! I promise to help clean up the next time I’m over! 🙂

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