How old are these kids?

I said, “Look, Mack, I am making fruit punch!”

Molly pipes in, “OOOOH! I want some fruit punch.  I haven’t had any of that in YEARS!”


Earlier today Mack was in Ruby’s room and, inevitably, messing with her stuff.  She fussed at him and told him he had to get out of her room, and he told her, “NO, I do not, YOUNG LADY!”  It was hilarious.


Ruby was playing with the little army men and the Indians with Mack and said, “Let’s pretend like I defeated you in the battle.”  Really?  Defeated?  I am so proud of her  broad vocabulary.

2 thoughts on “How old are these kids?

  1. These are the stories I love! Irvin and I laugh and laugh at these because we have heard them say things just like those on our “sleep overs.” Mack cracks us up with some of the things he comes up with. Thanks and keep them coming!

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