Molly and what she is learning….

We all went to church tonight.  When we got into the car I asked Molly what she learned in her class.   It went something like this:

“You know Saul and Abel?”

Me:  “You mean Cain and Abel?”

“No.  Saul and Abel were in a fight.”

Me:  “You mean Cain and Abel and Cain killed his brother Abel?”

“No…one was hairy and they tricked their dad.”

Me and Josh: “Oh, you mean Jacob and Esau?”

“Yeah.  Jacob or Esau was hairy…Esau or Jacob was hairy….or Jacob or Esau…ummmm….”

Josh went on to tell the story a bit and help her out.  I had not a clue from the start that she was headed to the story of Jacob and Esau.  BUT, I am glad she is learning….in her own special way.

Fun, fun!

What a weekend this has been! GiGi came over to play with Molly, and they had a very fun time together. Faith and Alex stayed the night and played and played with our kids all day long on Saturday! Josh burnt our Christmas tree in a fire outside…that was scary. We had a family over for lunch today…it was so fun. Here are some pictures. I am running low on energy at the moment and should really be sleeping. Forgive me if it isn’t as fun to read. 🙂

Sweet GiGi and her popsicle

Faith and Molly with their popsicles

Mack. He cracks me up. He got to spend the night with Molly b/c Ruby stayed the night with Katherine. He also played with GiGi and Alex and Faith–all girls. On Sunday when we had a family with two boys over, he said, “EVEN boys are coming!!!!” I think he was ready for some boys in the house, rather than only girls.

Josh overlooking the fire pit after he burned our Christmas tree. The tree has been laying out back in the yard for a couple of months now. When any branches went in the fire it was amazing how quickly they burnt up! I missed a golden opportunity to get a picture of Josh burning the top part of the tree. I guess I was too nervous to take a picture. I thought he was gonna burn something down. It made the hugest burst of flames, and he thought it was great. I made all of the kids come and sit with me over by the swing away from the fire. Josh said, “You are just like Druie. She would worry Irvin to death when he would burn.”

This flame doesn’t even begin to compare with the flames that were rolling around when Josh threw in the top part of the tree.

Alex and Molly


Big feet, little feet

Mack got to spend the night with Molly. He slept in Ruby’s princess bed with pink sheets. Hilarious.

He was extremely excited.

Molly held his hand and told him not be scared because she would be right there with him all night. Sweet sister!

Glad that our weekend was such fun. We have a busy week ahead, so I think I will try and steal a few minutes of sleep! Bye!