Where was Mack?

My mom asked me if Mack was doing alright since she didn’t see any pictures of him on my post about the Valentine’s Box and the organization.  I thought I would include a few pictures so that Sweetie can see that he is doing just fine.  He just wasn’t very interested in the Valentine’s box or mobile….or puppet show or whatever you want to call it….

He even did this when I asked him where the red marker was:

He wasn’t into the Valentine’s Crafts, so he read a little….

And built a few marker towers….

All of this he did in his underwear only.  That is how he likes it these days.  Josh even says that Mack usually tee-tee’s with both feet on the toilet seat, sort of in a squatting position while he faces the back of the toilet!!!!  What in the world?  This boy cracks me up.  He does it the right way when I am around.  I guess he is showing off for his Daddy.  I don’t know.

“Snowman Snuggles with Mama”

This morning I got to go to Ruby’s school with her for what they call, “Snowman Snuggles with Mama.”  It was so sweet.  The teachers spoke some encouragement and shared some funny stories with us, then the kids came in and sang a cute song.  After that, we all ate some breakfast together.  Mrs. Honaker also read some answers that each kid told her about their mom.  I don’t have the booklet yet, but Ruby got my age right.  She said my favorite food was salad, and besides anything chocolate, she gave a good answer.  She said her favorite thing to do with me was “to be with my mom all by myself.”  A rare, but special occasion, for sure!  She said she loved me because “she’s my mom!”  The whole morning was very sweet.

This was the snowman sitting at my seat.  Ruby made it in class.  Isn’t it the cutest thing?  I love it!

This is Ruby with some classmates when they were singing their snowman song for us.  Very cute!

And this is the sweet little face that sat across from me while we ate.  Such a cutie.

Ruby and Mrs. Honaker.  This lady is amazing.  I love, love her!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…..here’s what was going on…..

Molly, Mack and I went and got the oil changed in the car, played at McDonald’s, took back my reader thing, and then picked Ruby up from school.  It was a busy and wet day!  It is supposed to rain most of the weekend, too!  Good thing my Valentine’s Day present came in the mail today—Beth Moore’s new book.  Josh got it for me.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he did!  Hopefully, I will get to sit with coffee and read my new book while it rains and pours this weekend.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Who knows, I might even get to back-blog on the Dorminy visit and Ruby’s show and tell day.  Stay tuned….