Valentine’s Weekend

We had a fun weekend.  We stayed at home and watched it snow AGAIN.  I don’t really have much good to say about the snow because when it snows, it is really cold, and I will take really warm rather than really cold any day.  So, we let the kids have their Valentine gifts early since we’d be stuck in the house together for the weekend.  🙂

It was mostly tacky, Valentiney stuff…pink calculator, stuffed animal, coloring book…we got the girls a Dick and Jane book, too.

This is where I stayed when it snowed.  The others went out and played in it.

This picture totally cracks me up.  When I saw it on the computer, it immediately reminded me of NATIONAL LAMPOONS CHRISTMAS VACATION.  It looks like Josh is about to ride that thing (I can’t remember what it is called, but we use it for fires out back) all the way down the hill.  He didn’t.  Thank goodness!

We caught up on school today.  I am just about all caught up on laundry.  I am also still in my pajamas because “I am just about to exercise.”  It’s amazing all the things you can do to put off what you need to do, but don’t want to do!!

Oh, by the way, we got a new router for our wireless set-up and it is working great.  Josh spent quite a bit of time on the phone getting the answers we needed.  He is such a good husband.  He also made Vegetable soup this weekend.  I didn’t cook at all.  Very nice.  The Valentines gift he got for me was great!  A facial and massage….he knows me well.

Last night at church we took all the kids in with us because it was a short service.  Mack was facing me and grabbing my face and would say, “I’m goin’ eat you up.”  It was hilarious.  I am so thankful for the preschool department of our church!  I couldn’t handle listening AND keeping the kids quiet.  That would be misery.  Molly has a lot to learn before August if she plans to sit with us in church….or maybe I should say if Josh wants to sit with us during church.  He is very strict about being quiet in church and not being distracting.  I am glad he is.  I just don’t know if Molly is ready for it or not!  We’ll see…..

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  1. I agree….I LOVE our preschool ministry. After Eli’s little “outburst” about the chips I don’t know if he’ll be back until he’s 10 or so! 🙂

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