No cavities!

During our trip to Augusta, the girls went to the dentist.  Not just any dentist, I tell you….my childhood friend, the friend who watched out her window waving good bye to me as a drunk driver hit our car in her neighborhood, the friend who endured many, many violin sessions next to me as we shared a stand during several years at a Fine Arts school, the friend who rode the front seat of the bus with me and even survived a very scary bus ride one afternoon on the way home, the friend who heard about my first kiss and how disgusting I thought it was…while on a church trip, mind you (where were the counselors?!), the friend who put together a dance routine with me that we had to perform in front of our class, (there’s more, trust me!),  the Dr. Kelly W. Hughes.  It was so neat to see Kelly “in action.”  She did so great with the girls.  Ruby and Molly did great.  I was ecstatic to hear that there are NO CAVITIES in their candy-loving teeth!  I had already mentally prepared myself that if they had cavities it did not equal me being a “bad mom.”

Dr. Kelly was counting Ruby’s teeth and giving one last look…and I saw sweet little Molly’s hand and Ruby’s hand….so sweet!

Mack was in the waiting room with Sweetie making sure all of our coats were getting hanged on the coat rack.  Twin boys came in completely dressed alike from head to toe, and he looked at Sweetie and then looked at the boys, then told Sweetie, “Those are two boys.”  He paused and then said, “That one is bigger.”  I think he was trying to convince himself that they were not exactly the same.  He’s never been around twins before.

So our first trip to the dentist was extremely positive for all of us!  Thanks, Dr. Hughes!  🙂

2 thoughts on “No cavities!

  1. The picture of Molly and Ruby holding hands makes me teary!…and makes me wish I had a sister! 🙂 Too precious.

  2. Love it! I, too, love the picture of Ruby and Molly holding hands!!!! And as animated as Mack seems to be I’m sure he couldn’t hide his surprise as he watched ‘two boys’ come into the waiting room 🙂

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