Ruby’s reading

Ruby is reading so well these days.  She told me, “Reading is my favorite thing to do.  It used to be coloring before I knew how to read.  But now it is reading.”  I am so proud of how much she reads.  She reads signs on buildings.  She reads her books, she reads my blog, she reads the cereal box, and more.  There are definitely some precautions that come with having a reader in the house.  One of Josh’s Anniversary cards had an old couple on the front.  The man was doing a crossword puzzle and asked the wife, “What’s a three letter word for hot?”  Her reply was, “You.”  Ruby read it out loud and wanted to know what it meant.

Last night Mack fell off of Josh’s back while they were wrestling.  He landed right on Ruby’s nose.  Ow!  I got her an ice pack and wrapped it with a napkin so it wouldn’t be so cold.  She put it on her nose and then after a second she said, “The Johnson girls wondered why they always had yellow snowmen.”

We ran out of plain napkins and paper towels, so we have been using old Christmas napkins.  This one happened to be the one she got wrapped around her ice pack.  Funny.

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