Love is in the air! (and so is snow!)

I must start this post with some info about my dad.  He loves the weather…watching the forecasts over and over, calling me to see if we are getting any kind of rough weather if The Weather Channel has called for it, and griping about it when the forecasters are dead wrong.  The love for weather watching extends on out to my older sister, Marcy, and her husband, Jesse.  Their son, Vance, knows the names of the weather anchors on The Weather Channel.  Anyway, back to my dad.  With the anticipation of snow coming our way and in to Augusta Friday night, I knew I needed to get out of town early Friday morning.  I was a little frustrated with my cell phone, the high-tech “razor” phone that it is.  I bought it several years ago.  I think I was pregnant with Mack.  That means Molly was one and Ruby was two, and I was large, among other things.  I purchased a phone charger for the car, but it never worked.  I never took it back because the timing just never was right for lugging two little ones in to get another one.  I know…I should have done it.  I didn’t.  So this weekend I was going to head back to Alpharetta with three kids in a “potential snow blizzard” (not really, but still!) withOUT a working phone.  The battery I had left would have probably gotten me one phone call for help had anything bad happened.  That wasn’t enough for my dad.  He started trying out other battery chargers from around the house to see if they would charge my phone.  They wouldn’t.  He was still working on the phone situation when my mom and I retired for the night.

This morning I woke up, and he showed me this:

He had somehow made my battery fit into his phone and then charged it.  Very innovative.

He used paper towel, electrical tape, and a piece of cardboard.

And I had a fully-charged phone for the ride home.  What a good Daddy.

And Sweetie, my mom, was up to her fun tricks this week!  She hosted a Valentine’s Day party for the grandkids since we were all in town.  The kids had fun.  She had a little craft, lots of candy, and they decorated some cupcakes.  The favorite of the boys was their “Monster Jam Trucks.”  My favorite was a book that Hallmark sells.  You record your voice as you read the book.  I don’t have a picture of the book, but my mom and dad read it AND my grandmother, Meme.  It was so sweet.  I am so glad we have her voice recorded reading for the kids.  Very, very sweet!!!!  I love it.

The table was set so cute!

Renn got started right away on her treat bag.

Ruby made a card for MeMe.  Molly made hers for Uncle Jesse.  Mack made his for whomever I decided, which ended up being MeMe, too.

Mack and Sweetie worked well together.

Kaybeth and Aunt Cacy

Vance couldn’t quite move on until somebody washed his fingers.  A mess he does not like.  He is like his Mama!

Aunt Cacy and Kaybeth, working on her card.

Sweetie and Ruby with her finished product

Molly and her cupcake!

Renn, her belly and her mama

Molly with her ring pop and her lipstick

Kaybeth showing us her pretty lipstick!

Vance eating his cupcake….or maybe devouring it would be a better word.

Cute little Mack and Rennison

Jud and Mack

There were seven little ones at Sweetie and PawPaw’s house….they were very excited!

PawPaw wrestled with them all.  It was funny.  Then, it was time to calm down.  That didn’t go so well…

Vance got in a little trouble.

How cute are they?!?

Two silly boys.  They are just six months apart in age.  I think they would be stinkers if they hung around each other very much!

There was lots of hugging at the Valentine Party!

They were all so cute!  I have more pictures, but I am running out of time!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s weekend!  Ours is starting with snow.  It is steady coming down right now.

OH, let me post one more pic.  PawPaw sent us off with full bellies—bacon, toast and eggs for breakfast!

Maybe we’ll have that for dinner, too!

3 thoughts on “Love is in the air! (and so is snow!)

  1. I am cracking up at the cell phone charging! He and my dad sound like they came from the same womb! I promise my dad would figure out something similiar!! That is great.

  2. I heard about the cell phone, but seeing the finished product makes me laugh…Daddy is so handy!! And I love the pics of Renn and me…not so much the one of me being very “mama-ish” and reprimading Vance…I thought “I look like somebody’s Mom; Oh, I am!!…how did you catch that shot? All of the pictures are so good. We’ll have to get together some day and watch the videos I take at our family gatherings…if we dare 😉

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