Trying to play catch-up

Our computer has continued to have some issues, hence the sparse updates.  Let me try to catch up on some things.

The rain and cold temps have stuck around.  There was one day of sun…Sunday.  It was so moving that I opted out of our regular after church nap to do some things around the house.  It is truly amazing how a little sunshine can greatly enhance ones mood and motivation!  BUT, before the sunny Sunday, we had a long, dreary weekend.  We watched lots of LITTLE HOUSE and ate some popcorn.

Mack stayed in this outfit most of the weekend.  While he did change underwear, it was only to go to another pair of Spiderman briefs.  He loves the tank shirt thing.  He cries when forced to remove it from his body.

This picture above it funny to me, mostly because Ruby’s focus remains on the television.  The girl loves her tv.  It truly is a good thing we don’t have cable.

No, we stick to wholesome shows that make me feel like a spoiled, mean, self-centered wife and mother…..gotta love The Ingalls.

Seriously, there is no more wonderful woman than Caroline Ingalls!  She works like a dog with a smile on her face the entire time.  See those blue dresses the girls are wearing?  Caroline bought the material for herself.  She wears a brown dress every time there is a special occasion or a church service.  Then, Laura and Mary had this day at school that all the parents were invited to in order to hear the children read an essay.  Well, ends up, Caroline made the girls new dresses instead!  They loved the dresses.  Laura’s essay was about how her mother is the most wonderful, hard working, compassionate, selfless woman she knows.  I cry every time it plays.  Partly because it is so sweet and partly because I am 1/100.000,000 that kind of woman.  🙂  Oh to be like Caroline Ingalls!

Let me not get too far and away with Caroline that I forget good ‘ol Charles (or as Mack says, “Tallers”).  That man is amazing in his own right.  In the picture above  he has just let an older man win in a wood chopping contest.  He LET him win because the old man’s wife kind of asked him to, so as not to bruise his ego!  And Charles complied.  He could have beat him easily.  Let’s just say I can’t really see Josh doing that….just the same as I can’t see myself being gracious with Harriet Olsen.  Ever.

Ruby loves the show most of all.  She wants to be Laura.  She says, “Oh, I just love her buck teeth and all of her freckles.  I wish I had that many freckles!”  She paused and said, “Sweetie has that many freckles.  She does!  I can say that again.”

Ruby also wouldn’t be as gracious with Nellie Olsen.  Each time she appears in the show Ruby says, “Oh, that Nellie…if I were there, I would punch her in the nose.  I would.”

Hmmm…we have a long way to go with compassion, graciousness and kindness in regards to Nellie and Willie.

It gets good conversations started though.  That show covers jealousy, crushes, patience, hard work, team work, education, generosity, and friendships.

So the Ingalls and the Dorminys all had a calm, relaxing weekend.  I hope you did, too.

3 thoughts on “Trying to play catch-up

  1. I remember playing “Little House” with Rachel when we were growing up…we would fight over who got to be Laura…so I can relate to Ruby’s love for Half-pint!!! But I have to say that Vance does not have love for the tank tops like Mack seems to…Vance told me last summer that he doesn’t like like those shirts “because my arms are out!!” Funny kids!

  2. glad to hear that mine are not the only “little house” fans. I was shocked at how captivated they are by it. Funny…….but I love that they love it. They only get to see about 1 hour of TV every week (because of Will) so this is a good choice.

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