Where was Mack?

My mom asked me if Mack was doing alright since she didn’t see any pictures of him on my post about the Valentine’s Box and the organization.  I thought I would include a few pictures so that Sweetie can see that he is doing just fine.  He just wasn’t very interested in the Valentine’s box or mobile….or puppet show or whatever you want to call it….

He even did this when I asked him where the red marker was:

He wasn’t into the Valentine’s Crafts, so he read a little….

And built a few marker towers….

All of this he did in his underwear only.  That is how he likes it these days.  Josh even says that Mack usually tee-tee’s with both feet on the toilet seat, sort of in a squatting position while he faces the back of the toilet!!!!  What in the world?  This boy cracks me up.  He does it the right way when I am around.  I guess he is showing off for his Daddy.  I don’t know.

One thought on “Where was Mack?

  1. Sounds like Mack is ready for Asia. Truette is pretty good at squatting over the “squatty potty” to do his business.

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