Valentine’s Day Party at School

Today I dropped Ruby off at school, then dropped Molly off at her Art and Music class, then went to Wal- Mart to pick up some fruit and stuff for Ruby’s class party.  After picking Molly up and coming home, I got the car loaded and Josh came home to take care of the two younger ones while I went back to Ruby’s school for her Valentine’s party.(all while it poured down rain…love it!)  We had games, a craft, a book, a pinata, and food!

This just shows that there were lots of other cute, cute Valentine’s boxes!  See the truck?  Very cute.  Gran and Sweetie, you would want to know that it seemed that Ruby had the most “fries” in her name on the bulletin board.  I hope she does that many nice things at school!  I am so proud of her.  She really does seem to be a good listener and to be kind to her friends.  She loves school.

Candy from the pinata was a big hit!

We had a very fun time.  Ruby slept the whole way  home.  She is so tired from all the festivities!

We are gearing up for some time in Augusta with my family.  More Valentine’s fun!!  Molly asked if we were going to ride the bus.  I told her we just kept that for Christmas time.  She was disappointed.  How funny…..

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