We are soooo Southern

We just don’t know quite how to act when it snows around here.  I mean, I know how I WANT to act–grab a blanket, a book, some hot chocolate and sit in a comfortable chair near a window.  I did that for about five minutes this afternoon.  For the most part, I was doing laundry while the kids screamed about the snow.

Lots of laundry……

This has nothing to do with snow, but this family has a towel issue.  There should never be this many towels that need to be washed and dried after a week.  Seriously.  An issue!

Back to the snow.  We saw it begin to come down.  Josh came home a little early to play in the snow with the kids.  They somehow knew that I wasn’t going to frolic in the snow with them for hours, but that Josh probably would.  I might have used to be concerned about that—that they don’t picture me as “that kind of mom,”  but I am so ok with it now.  We all have our strengths, the things that our kids will remember about us….playing out in the yard in the freezing temps just won’t be one of mine.  Teaching them to keep things in order or where they belong will be one of those things that they attribute to me, I hope.  Just the other day Molly asked me to help her organize her art supplies drawer because she just couldn’t find anything.  Another time she said that she needed help “switchuating” her markers.  And I helped her, of course.

OK, back to the snow again.

It was really coming down.

Mack was asleep during the first round of frolic.

I broke out the Timberlands.  These shoes are 16 years old.  I got them when I was a sophomore in high school.  I keep them for our one day of snow a year.  They look fantastic considering how old they are.  Ruby usually asks me why I am wearing Josh’s shoes when I put them on.

The weather made driving conditions challenging, but the kids didn’t seem to mind.

Even Josh wanted to try out the slippery conditions on the scooter.

Ruby getting Josh back for throwing a snowball at her

And I will leave you with pictures of each member of our family out in the snow.  One of us is grumpy.  One of us just can’t seem to smile for a camera.

Just one of us.

Here’s to hoping the snow keeps coming down.  Ruby said it would not be a Winter Wonderland if she didn’t get to build a snowman.  Bless her southern little heart for getting her hopes up for such a thing.

4 thoughts on “We are soooo Southern

  1. we are jealous!! wish it would snow here! LOVE the pics of each family member…especially the grumpy one! stay warm!!

  2. Cacy, you always beat me…

    Kristy, your house looks beautiful…like maybe it’s in Vermont or something…love the pics! And I really like Mr. Grumpy (does he have that shirt?). Something about Mack’s photoface reminds me of Vance…hmm…………..

  3. Hey Kristy! I was going through some bookmarks and found your blog from forever ago. I had to laugh about your Timberlands. I held on to mine forever and still have my “duck boots” from high school to wear on rare occasions. I realized a few weeks ago that you and Cacy weren’t on facebook anymore. What’s up with that?? I hope you and your family had a great Christmas. Tell your sisters hello for me!
    -Nate Pritchard

  4. I love the lead in to the “one of us” is grumpy part. I knew who it would be, but it did not make me laugh any less hard when I got to his cutie pie little picture. Boys… are different, yes they are. And just fyi Levi is hard to sit down and teach things (colors, letters…etc.) He just always has something better to do. My advice, squeeze it when he is willing, keep saying over and over. He IS getting it but he has not interest in proving so. GIRLS….however….want to show you their brain skills. He He. Mack. He needs to come wrestle with Levi.

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