We had such a wonderful time at Ruby’s class field trip!  The kids only see each other two days a week, so getting to see each other on a day besides Tuesday or Friday is a treat!  And they didn’t have to wear their uniform either.  Ruby kept saying to her friends, “Hey, look at my boots.”  She can’t wear her boots to Kindergarten because of the heel.  ANYWAY, they were perfect for tromping around in the Pumpkin Patch.  Molly wore hers, too, of course!


We drove down the long driveway to Berry Patch Farms early this morning.  The kids were so excited….

DSC_0001Getting closer…..

DSC_0002We saw a turkey, a calf, some goats, and lots of pumpkins!

DSC_0150Here comes Mrs. Honaker!!!!  What a cute little Kindergarten teacher!

DSC_0004Ruby met up with Ashlyn right away.  Molly stayed close by both of them.  Ruby did a good job of including Molly.  I mean, she can always improve a little in this area, but she is learning to be a good Big Sister.

DSC_0005_2Ruby and Ashlyn

I made my kids each get a photo at the beginning in case it didn’t work out to get any more pictures.  (I ended up with lots of pictures though!)  Most of the pictures are of Mack because he stayed with me the whole time.  The girls galloped and ran and played with their friends.  I did round them up a few times for pictures….as you will see.

DSC_0007Ruby, 5 years old

DSC_0009Molly, 4 years old

DSC_0012Mack, 2 years old

The wagon ride was fun and bumpy and some parts were stinky.  🙂


DSC_0026Mack and Lincoln…Sunday School buddies



DSC_0042Mack found a pumpkin very soon after we got off the tractor ride.  He would pick one up, look at it, then throw it like a baseball.










DSC_0087And we finally made it to the actual pumpkin patch!  It was a beautiful day.


DSC_0089All eyes were on the tractor.

DSC_0102One class shot….I wasn’t in charge of getting this one, thank goodness!

And then we got on the tractor to head back and have some apple cider, of which Ruby and Molly had to announce, “Mama, I do NOT like this.”  Lovely.




DSC_0111The girls and I made some brownies and cookies to share with everyone on the field trip.  Yummy!  The kids played on a swingset and ran all around.

Mack stayed close to the tractor.







DSC_0170And proof that these kids have a Mama!  There’s always evidence that I exist and am involved in their lives, but here you see an actual picture of me.  (Thanks, Charity!)

What an incredibly fun day.  I love seeing Ruby with her school friends.  She seems to be very confident and comfortable in her skin.  She also seems to be a leader.  I reminded her once to be sure and include everyone, and she seemed to be mindful of that.  Mrs. Honaker and I talked about how she is doing in school, and she said that Ruby is doing great!  She said she behaves well, too.  That’s good!  I am so proud of little Ruby, who is not as little as she used to be.  Kindergarten is so much fun.

6 thoughts on “PUNKIN’ PATCH

  1. awww! you got some really good pics! i love the boots…can’t wait for kaybeth to get them! haha! we are so excited about coming to visit we can hardly stand it!

  2. It looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!! So glad you had such beautiful weather for the day. 🙂

  3. Great pictures! Jesse’s pumpkin patch field trip is oct.20. this post makes me so excited! 🙂 Ya’ll have a great weekend!

  4. Too cute! I love taking little ones to the pumpkin patch. I wonder what Mrs. Honaker was thinking while you were taking her picture as she was walking towards you. 🙂 The kindergarten paparazzi.

  5. Mack’s Uncle Jesse would be proud of him for hanging close to that International Harvester! Cute tractor pics!

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