Fearfully or Filthy?

Molly has been trying to memorize her Cubbies verse.  She says, “I am filthy and wonderfully made.”  Instead of “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  It is hilarious.  And true.


DSC_0004These are older pictures, but I could take a picture on any given day and usually find a filthy kid!  And a fearfully and wonderfully made one, too.

3 thoughts on “Fearfully or Filthy?

  1. Those pictures look like an episode from National Geographic. “The lioness has hunted and captured her prey… It didn’t stand a fighting chance, really; all part of the food chain…She surveys the horizon for would be thieves…always alert as she devours her hard-earned feast…”

  2. wow….does rebekah work for national geographic!? haha! jud has the same verse and he says filthy too! too cute!!

  3. That was too cute about Mack recognizing Macy. Marc asked Kayla who this was in the picture and she said “that’s Macy!” When he asked Macy she said “that’s Macy!” I’m not sure either one of them is convinced it’s Molly!

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