Poor Ruby.

OK, so I am laughing so hard that I can hardly type.  Let me start with what happened two days ago.  Ruby was outside playing and evidently got bitten by some mosquitos.  She has horrible allergic reactions to mosquito bites.  Last year, she got bitten on the thigh and her entire thigh was swollen, red and hard.  It was awful.  We kept cortisone cream around for the itching.  Anywhere she got a bite, she would have swelling and major itching.  SO, two days ago a mosquito bit Ruby on her forehead.  Yesterday she woke up with a goose egg on her forehead, and I wondered if she had gotten hit in the head with a bat while sleeping.  She said it didn’t hurt, but I couldn’t imagine that it wasn’t painful because of how bad it looked. I finally put two and two together and realized that this was the doings of a mosquito!  This morning when she woke up and came downstairs, I had to control myself from gasping at the sight of her eye being almost swollen shut.  I called the doctor, and they said to have her take some Benadryl and to keep cortisone cream on it for the itch.  Here is what my little Ruby looks like:



NOW, for the funny part….Ruby and Molly were decorating Ruby’s birthday party invitations with Hello Kitty stickers.  I had already filled them out and written each kid’s name on the envelope, so I let them just use all the stickers to decorate the envelopes.  Molly really gets into stickers and placed each one perfectly on the envelopes.  Then, she said, “Aw, Mama, look, is this Hello Kitty sick, too?” (Take a good look at Hello Kitty’s eyes in this picture.)

dsc_0060Apparently, Hello Kitty is allergic to mosquito bites as well.  

3 thoughts on “Poor Ruby.

  1. Awww, poor Ruby. Don’t bring that child here she’ll turn into the marshmellow puff girl. Ha! I didn’t comment on our blog about how on our vacation P must of had bed bugs or fleas in the pillow I gave her one night (she was sick and I wanted to elevate her) b/c she got about 30 bites with bug repellent on and a mosquito net over her pack n play.

  2. Ruby still managed a smile in spite of her puffyness. And I have to say that Molly is turning into quite the comedian!!!

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