Random Thoughts on Tuesday

1-I am proud of myself for putting back the brown flip flops that I DID NOT need today while roaming Target.

2-I am not proud of myself for being at Target.  Money just disappears there.  Not to mention the slushee and pretzel that has to be bought in order to endure the roam around Target.

3-I glanced at string bikinis only because I was walking by them on my way to the shoe aisle.  Do people really wear those things out in public?  And why is it that I also caught a glance of myself in that reflective mirror only 25  seconds after the string bikinis?  How annoying.

4-I wonder if I would be a billiongazillionare if I had a dime for every time I swept and mopped my kitchen floor.  Just wondering.

5-I would have loved to know what the check-out lady at SALLY’S was thinking when I purchased Super Volumizing Hair Spray.  (I have recently got a haircut that I loving refer to as the white girl “fro” and volume in my hair isn’t something I am exactly lacking, but the spray helps keep it big all day instead of only until 10am.)

6-Does drinking a protein shake instead of eating a meal totally defeat its purpose if I end up using that protein shake to wash down Doritos?  Again, just wondering.

7-How many times can Mack say “NO” in one day?  I lost count at 78.

8-Ruby is allergic to mosquito bites.  This morning the right side of her forehead and eyebrow is disfigured from a bite.  Very strange.

9- Molly holds her #2 way too long and it is scary when she says her tummy hurts.  You would think she was a 45 year old overweight man.  Bless her heart.  And mine.  

10-You would not believe how much JUNK I bagged up from our back seat while at the car wash.  It is crazy how much JUNK the kids sneak into the car each and every time we go anywhere.  I threatened (again) to throw all the toys that got left in the car into the trash.  There were tears, so I said, “I’ll give you one  more chance….”  yaddi-yaddi-yaddi…..

11-There was a lady giving “complimentary chair massages” at  the car wash place.  She told me that she would love for me to come on in and try one.  I smiled and said, “Well, I have my three kids with me.”  She looked at them and then said, “You can bring them in with you.”  I just smiled and then kept cleaning my car as she walked away.  And I was thinking how funny her suggestion was…”you can just bring them in with you”… She evidently didn’t understand the back breaking work it is of unloading and loading up three kids into car seats and buckling them in, etc.  Not to mention whatever in the world they might do while I was getting the massage.  The benefit of the massage doesn’t even register in this scenario.  “You can just bring them in with you.”  hahahaha…still laughing about this one.

12- I am attempting to take on the rest of this day with Mack not taking a nap since he dozed for 30 minutes in the car.  I’m thinking at 4:38 pm I will be deeply regretting this decision.

13- Laundry is waiting on me upstairs.  Oh, how I love laundry.

Wonder if I should make Tuesday my “Random Thoughts” day?  Or is that just what this whole blog is anyway?  Don’t answer that.

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the laugh!! Love the string bikini comments. I’m right there with you. Who would wear such a thing? Honestly, I have always said God gave me this body (my non-pregnant one) for a good reason. He knew I would probably be the one wearing it if I looked good in it. Ha! As for #’s 9-13, are you living in my house? That is so my life, too. Right, just bring them in with you. They’ll just sit at your feet while you enjoy that massage and make comments like “Look Ruby, Mom looks so relaxed”. She must not have kids or know any for that matter. Ha.

    1. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I can relate to this. Cracks me up! My favorite is the protein shake/dorito combo! Love it!

  2. This was great! I’m going to have to do one of my own. I loved every single one of them. I wish we lived closer, I swear you’re my long lost sister (even though you already have sisters of your own!). 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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