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Update on Gran:  The surgery went great, and we are so glad that the surgeon was pleased with how it all went.  Please keep praying that she has a very easy recovery and gets to go home soon.  Pray for Irvin as he works and takes care of Deb.  They are a good team.  Josh is taking Molly down to Albany on Thursday and staying a night.  As we talked about him taking her, I was surprised that I felt a little sad.  I realized that I have gotten used to her being my shadow.  She wants to talk to me all of the time.  She always has something for me to do for her, some snack to go get for her and most definitely a book to read to her!  I am afraid I will feel a bit lost without her here, but I also know how good it will be for her to have the one-on-one attention of her wonderful Daddy.  Molly will do a much better job of keeping him off of his cell phone than I ever could!  Persistent, demanding, relentless, pushy, and sweet are all words that could describe Molly on most days.  I am sure Gran seeing Molly will be a big spirit-booster though.  And Molly won’t be at a loss for questions as she sees Gran in the hospital….I hope it won’t wear Gran out!  I am worn out just thinking about it.  

KINDERGARTEN?  REALLY???  Josh and I went to The King’s Academy on Monday night for a parent meeting in regards to Ruby starting school in the Fall.  It is crazy that Ruby is ready for Kindergarten, but we are so excited for her.  The school seems to be amazing.  The story of how it all started and how God has grown it and used the people there was quite inspiring!  We got to go into the two Kindergarten classrooms and see the little chairs and little crafts and all the calendars and weather boards….and it was so sweet.  Ruby will go to school two days a week and do the rest of her schooling at home with me (and Molly and Mack).  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be with her and teach her so much.  The main reason we wanted to home school was to be the primary influence in our kid’s lives for as long as we can.  The principal that shared at the meeting mentioned that this was her reason for home schooling, too.  People do it for all sorts of reasons and don’t do it for other reasons, but I am so convinced that this is what God wants for our family, and I am thankful that there is a school already in place that will help in such a huge way.  FUNNY STORY…we came home and Ruby was watching a movie with the babysitter and Molly up in their room.  Josh said, “Ruby, we went to see your school.  It was so neat.  You want me to tell you about it?”  Ruby acted excited and then said, “Can it be a surprise?”  Code for—“I don’t want to hear about it right now because I am in the middle of my movie.  Can this wait?”  And while this conversation was going on, I was going downstairs to pay the sitter and chat with her.  Molly tagged along, of course.  She somehow talked me into a tootsie roll (at 9:00pm).  I left the jar of candy on the middle of the island out of her reach.  I walked Ashley to the door, then when I went back into the kitchen, Molly was gone.  There was a slight change in the furniture though.  She had moved the bench over to the island, climbed up there and got several more pieces of candy, then high-tailed it into her room.  Can’t take my eyes off of her!!!  Sneaky girl.

WORD POLICE:  I do not have the time or energy to write in detail about this, but Molly is THE WORD POLICE.  She doesn’t let you say a word wrong or use a wrong word.  She’s done this since she started talking, and I was reminded of this habit of hers today because she corrected me several times.  Some examples are:  “Molly, go get your shoes.”  Molly says, “flip-flops.”  OK….”Molly, sit down on that chair or you are gonna fall off.”  Molly says, “bench.”  OK….”Hand me that pen, please.”  Molly says, “marker.”  “Go check and see if Daddy’s car is here.”  Molly says, “Truck.”  Today I was answering Mack for the ONE HUNDRETH time, “Where’s Daddy?”  and I said, “He is at the bus.”  I meant to say “on the bus,” but got a bit tongue-tied since I was saying it over and over again.  Molly didn’t even give me a second to correct it before she said, “He’s ON the bus.  You said at the bus.”  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  There are so many more examples, but it would get ridiculous to share on here all of her “Word Police” moments.  

THE STATION WAGON:  Well, if we were ever confused on the fact that our “new, used car” is JUST A CAR, we have it straight now.  Friday when I was leaving the mall, a man bumped us.  I got out and looked to see little to no damage. He was very nice and apologetic.  He said he was driving a rental car and had one foot on the gas and one on the brake…for some odd reason….so that was that.  SUNDAY after church, Josh went to get the car because it was so cold outside.  He drove up to get us and told me someone had ILLEGALLY  parked next to us and dinged the driver’s side door and left white paint on it.   LOVELY.  So this wagon is getting worn in quite quickly.  And we are aware more than ever that this is JUST A CAR.  I didn’t think I thought any different, but what do I know?  

I am ridiculously tired this evening and hope that the girls will not put up a fight when I go in there and tell them it’s time for bed.  I need to do my Pilates video, but oh my….I really am tired!!!!  At least you get to sit down for most of it.  

Is it only Tuesday?  Are you sure?

***reminder to self:  post pictures about what J found in the couch!  It was a great day.

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  1. Cameron is our “Word Police.” But he is usually correcting his little brothers and sister. Which is ridiculous since 2 of those 3 are still just learning to talk! Ugh!

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