Praying for Gran

Today we are praying a little more than usual for Gran as she is having surgery today.  We talked to her last night, and she isn’t anxious about the surgery, but is calm and ready to go ahead and get it done and over with.  We are praying for the surgeons, the nurses, and for Irvin as he is there with her and all the other family who want the very best outcome for this surgery!  Today after Bible story time, Ruby prayed for Gran and said, “God, please help her to not have any shots and to be all better soon.”  We all pray that she will feel all better soon.  Say a prayer for Debbie if you read this.  We appreciate it.

Speaking of Bible Story time.  Today we read about how Jesus didn’t have an earthly home, but he actually left Heaven to come to earth because He loves us so much.  Ruby listens so attentively and answers the questions with the right answers, usually.  Molly cracks me up.  She was asked, “Molly, why did Jesus leave Heaven?”  She said, “Because he wanted to see how it was to live in a house.”  (Ummmm, no.)  “Molly, why did Jesus leave Heaven and come to earth?  He didn’t have a house when he was here.  Can you tell me why you think He came here?”  She said, “He came to wash our sins away.  He washes our sins away with His hands…like this…” (she put both of her hands over her heart and washed it.) “Ms. Tammy told us that.  And I see her do this.  Jesus washes our sins away like this…”  (she “washes” her heart again)   She says all of her answers very matter-of-fact, and I tried hard not to laugh at her, but she is just funny.  Mack just sits in his seat hollering out from time to time, then when it is time to pray he holds his chubby hands together and bows his head low.  I say, “Mack, say ‘God’ (GAAA), ‘thank you’ (hang oooo) ‘for’ (fo) …then he starts naming everybody….(Daddy, Roo-Roo, Mohee, Mommeeee, Pawpaw, Wee-wee, GG, Co-Co).  It is all quite cute.  And by the way, no grandparent should get their feelings hurt…he covers you all in his little mind when he says PawPaw and Wee-wee…one day he will figure out the difference, I guess.  And “Co-Co” is a little guy in his Sunday School Class.  His name is Coker, but Mack calls him “Co-Co.”  Funny guy.

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  1. That is precious!!! Is Tammy Allen Schenke Molly’s SS teacher?? I can see her doing that! You are a fantstic Mama 🙂

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