Molly is a mess.

Molly plays from time to time.  I cannot sit with her very long because she won’t let me touch anything or help in any way.  “No, Mama, I can do it all by myself.”  Fine.  It seems that she has been printing a lot of pages lately.  I find them and then tell  her, “Molly, you cannot push the button that prints.  It is wasting paper.  Do not click on the print button, sweetie.”  Her response is ALWAYS, “But I didn’t do it, Mama.  I didn’t.  I did not do it.”  I try to explain to her that she didn’t mean to do it and maybe didn’t know she did it, but SHE did it.  Today she brought up another paper to me.  I said, “Molly, what did I tell you about printing?”  She said, ” I didn’t do it.  I didn’t.  It was just there.”  She is hard-headed.  And she will not admit that though she didn’t mean to print, SHE DID PRINT THE SILLY PICTURE OF CURIOUS GEORGE!!!!!  OK.  That is off my chest.

I am SOOOOO in my thirties.

Oh, the joys of having three kids that all have to sit in some sort of car seat/booster device.  What kind of car will fit them all?  We have had a Yukon or Tahoe or Suburban for the past 4 and a half years, so there was no problem fitting them all in; there was a problem in how GIGANTIC the vehicle was.  I don’t know why, but I was just over driving the Suburban.  It is so big, and I’d started having to go every Monday to clean it out—a bag of junk that the kids had drug to the car, shoes, socks, hair barrettes, etc AND a bag of trash including, but  not limited to, slushee cups, stickers from Wal-mart, Sunday School art, crackers, etc!  Molly and Ruby sat next to one another on the back row, which was neat at first, but neither of them learned how to hook their own car seat, so we were forced to climb in each time to hook them in and then un-hook them.  (We had even gotten lazy about it and just let them hook the  top part of their car seat….horrible, I know!!!)  So, I sweetly told Josh about the Volvo Cross Country again.  He has been very much against getting a station wagon.  He said they were “the ugliest cars in America.”  He couldn’t believe I wanted one of these over a mini-van.  He just didn’t see much of a difference in them.  They are both not great looking cars, in his opinion.  Every friend I have that owns a mini-van LOVES them and says they will never go back as long as they have kids to drive around.  I think that is wonderful, but I still just didn’t want one.  Lame?  Shallow?  I will own that.  

OK, so Josh drove several and had some help from Navar who knows a lot about Volvos.  Finally, we came across this one:



Oh, how I love it.  The kids all sit on the bench together.  Ruby is in a booster seat that is BUILT IN!!!  Yipeeeee.  Mack is in the middle and Molly is on the other end.  She will move to the booster seat before we know it.  I am thrilled.  Weird that this is my dream car, but like I said, I AM SO IN MY THIRTIES and have three kids.  Funny how you get excited about built in boosters and all the room in the back for groceries and a stroller.  The girls just kept asking, “Why doesn’t this car have a tv in it?”  It will be good for them.  Josh is afraid of long trips with them being so much closer to us.  They did seem a little loud back there, but we will work on using our inside voices.