Quick reply!

It seems that summer answered my letter with a beautiful 70 degree day!  That was fast, huh?  I think I will be writing her more often….

Josh has called several times and each time I hear Molly talking and talking and talking in the background.  It makes me laugh.  She only slept for 20 minutes on their trip to Albany.  That makes me laugh, too.  I know Josh is understanding why I call him several times a day.  I am checking my sanity…wanting to make sure I can still carry on an adult conversation.  He was doing that today.  Again, making me laugh.

Ruby, Mack and I went to the park, to Old Navy, and then to Steak N Shake with our friends.  Katherine came home with us to spend the night.  They are quite a pair!  If I think about it, I will get some pictures of the sleep over.

You are my Sunshine.

Dear Summer,

I am aware that what I am about to ask of you is a bit much, considering that we are still in the month of February.  However, I need some help around here.  The dreary, cold days are starting to make me crazy.  All the jackets, the nasty runny noses, the grass that sticks to our shoes and pants if we walk in it, and my gas bill have pushed me to the limits.  Not to mention that my children don’t get thrown outside to play and frolic in the warm sunshine each day.  Instead, they are stuck inside with me and all of these “boring” toys.  Going to get an ice cream in the middle of the day or making a stop at Sonic during Happy Hour just doesn’t make sense these days either.  

And while my legs could use a month (straight) in the tanning bed and my arms need to lift a dumb bell from time to time to get ready for wearing short sleeves, I am still begging you to arrive early.  Really early.  Help a mom out.  My sanity depends upon it.

Crazy in Woodstock, Ga,