Pilates?  Didn’t happen.  Ruby and Molly each wanted a book read to them, they each seemed to need extra hugs and kisses, and neither of them wanted me to leave their room.  “Could you just stay for four minutes?”  “Will you lay on my bed?”  UGH.  I hate leaving their room at night hollering, “Give me a break!!!!  I have been with you all day, would you please just GO. TO. BED?!”  So, instead of leaving them with that to have a night mare about, I decided to lay down on Ruby’s bed.  She had been at Katherine’s for the afternoon.  Since she had been home, she seemed to have genuinely missed me…she kept hugging me and telling me that I am her “best mom” and that she and I needed to go somewhere on a date all by ourselves….OK, sounds good to me.  And last night she started crying and saying, “Mama, I don’t want you to go to your room by yourself and be in your bed all by yourself.  You might cry.”  Josh was gone until the wee hours of the morning on a bus trip.  Anyway, I just laughed to myself because the sweet little booger had no idea how wonderful that very thing would have been.  In my bed–by myself–nothing to do but lay there and sleep. all. by. myself.  Maybe in my next life.

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