Do animals talk to one another?…How would we know if they did?

The mall went great!  We definitely had fun in “Hollery Yarn” Kids, as I found TWO twin bedskirts on sale.  Yipeeee…..slowly, and I do mean s-l-o-w-l-y, the girl’s bedroom that “no one is going to see” (according to Josh) is coming together.  Did I mention I found two sets of twin sheets at Ross last night for EL CHEAPO!  I am talking each set was about 8.99.  THE Pottery Barn Kids wanted $69.00 for a set of their sheets.  I am sure there is a drastic difference in thread count, but give me a break.  Ruby is 4 years old and Molly is 3 years old.  First of all, I don’t think they care and second of all, how else will they appreciate an 800 thread count sheet if that is what they start out with???  It is all for their own good, I tell you.  

I managed to talk them into a 1.29 cheeseburger rather than a 3.99 piece of cheese pizza and that did my heart good.  They enjoyed the soft play area, a cookie, a slushee, the Disney store, and we even stopped at Publix where they rode the green race car shopping cart of which Molly informed me, “It has been too long since we have driven one of those!!!”  I would have gone into a lesson on how Wal-Mart is much cheaper than Publix…that is, IF she really cared.  She doesn’t care.  

So after a very busy day, we are home and Ruby wants to watch a movie…of course…so she picks out FOX AND THE HOUND.  She was watching the beginning of it and then she leaned over and asked me, very seriously, “Mom, why do the pets only talk when the kids are not around?”  I told her it was all just pretend that animals talk…and I think she was disappointed.  I felt bad, but, hey…she asked.

I am now going to lay down and read a cook book about how to make healthy food for your kids….or maybe I will lay down and hold the cook book, then just close my eyes and dream about being a healthy cook for my kids.   Wonder when Josh will be home?

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