1) I made a boo-boo and forgot to post pictures from a GREAT Valentine’s box that my mom and dad sent to the kids ON VALENTINE’S DAY.  They were thrilled to get a package……thanks Sweetie and PawPaw for being so thoughtful.


Mack LOVES chocolate
Mack LOVES chocolate
Molly liked the heart stamp and used it all over herself
Molly liked the heart stamp and used it all over herself

2) This morning I was having a mini bagel and sharing with Mack and Molly.  When Ruby saw, she said, “Hey, I want some pumpernickel bread!” I think she learned that word from Barney.  And for the record, she doesn’t really like “pumpernickel bread because of the raisins.”

3)  One of the fun things the kids do is all three get into Mack’s crib and play together.  I recently put new batteries into his fish aquarium, so they really like being in there to play with that.  Here are some funny pictures of them all together playing in the crib.



4) And now I am about to load everyone up and go to the Northpoint Mall for the soft play area, Hollery Yarn Kids (pottery barn kids), a walk through the Disney Store, overpriced pizza, then a cookie and slushee….say a prayer for me.  This life I lead is not easy, but somebody has got to go to the mall and spend some money.  I am just trying to do my part to keep the economy MOVING.

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  1. Love the crib pics. Vance likes to get in Rennison’s “crub” and “kiss baby.” It’s sweet. They all look so cute piled in with one another. I am envisioning a big sleepover at Sweetie and PawPaw’s one day 🙂 (notice I didn’t mentiona sleepover at Aunt Marcy’s house…that was no accident).

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