Back to life, Back to reality

Josh and I had such a fun time at the Sunday School Class Marriage Retreat at the Brasstown Valley Resort.  It was a nice resort.  The room we had was very cute, clean and up-to-date.  We left around noon on Friday and made our way to a BBQ restaurant.  It was in the middle of nowhere.  Don’t ask me how my husband knows about every country cookin’ cafe or Meat & Three, but he does!  This place was really good.  It was awesome to eat alone.  Josh ordered BBQ and got some fries, too.  These were no ordinary fries…they were like FAIR FRIES.  Oh, yummy.  I was already starting to reach over to grab a fry when Josh said, “Let’s pray…”  He thought I was going over to hold his hand, but I was going to steal a fry.  Once I realized how wonderful they were, I got a couple more.  Josh asked, “Do you want me to order you a side of fries?”  Code for, “Keep your hands off of my fries.  I will get you your own.”  Josh has never been one for sharing food.  He just doesn’t go for that.  

I thought of Molly while we were eating because there was a stuffed Aunt Jemima standing at the door with tootsie rolls for the taking.  Molly would have instantly been best friends with little Miss Aunt Jemima.  The child loves Tootsie Rolls.  She also asks me, “What are those round tootsie rolls called that I love?”  MILK DUDS.   I haven’t taken my children to the dentist yet…I know, a great mom…but I am sure Molly will have many issues.

ANYWAY, I enjoyed the massage.  The facial is another story.  The description of the facial did mention microdermabrasion…..but, ummmm….I didn’t realize it would hurt.  It burned and tingled and just didn’t feel great and relaxing.  I could just see me walking into dinner with all of our friends with a bright red face. (though at this point many had seen me “drunk” from my massage and walking around in a robe all afternoon, so what’s the big deal about a red face?!) Thankfully, it all calmed down by the time we went to dinner AND the wrinkles on my forehead were not quite as deep as they normally are.  

The speakers did a good job.  We talked about self-care—giving yourself and your mate permission to do stuff  they like to do.  I know it is difficult for me to leave in the evenings to do something alone or with girls because I know Josh has been working all day, too, and I like when we are all together as a family.  BUT, it is important to get out of the house and laugh with friends or read a book at Starbucks or go for a walk.  Josh loves movies (me-not so much), so I want to try and encourage him to go to the movies with his brother or other friends when he sees one coming out that he likes.  

We also talked about taking care of your mate…we discussed the love languages…and we got some time to pray together.  It was a good time.  I know there are several things I want to do to try and take care of our marriage.  

I did HORRIBLE on my eating.  I ate the whole bag of Jelly Bellys that my friend Cindy left in the room for me.  Not to mention the 20 starburst I ate during the sessions….ugh…but today is a new day to a new week, and I WILL DO BETTER.  🙂

The kids had a blast with their friends at the house the whole time we were gone.  I am so glad that they enjoyed themselves.  I am also appreciative of great, godly friends you can trust…even if poison control is called…it’s all good!  (love you Mandy!)

But, in reference to the title of this entry, we are back to reality.  Sunday was a busy day, full of fellowship, an awesome Word from our Pastor, lunch with friends, a trip to look at a used car (more to come on this, I promise!), a short nap, and then back to church last night….and this morning Ruby woke up with a fever.  Poor thing.  She only takes Motrin Berry flavor medicine.  I tried to give her Tylenol, and she sipped it for about an hour…all 0.8+0.8 mL of it.  Josh came home, forgetting the medicine I asked him to pick up, so he took Molly back out with him.  She wanted to get Ruby a card to help her feel better.  She came in, took the card to Ruby and said, “Ruby, I love you and I hope you feel better.”  It was sooooo sweet.  Ruby seemed to feel better after that, before the medicine had time to kick in.  Amazing how a timely word can really help your spirits.  Ruby told me today that “Molly is my best sister.”  This was after Molly had brought her some water.  Molly has definitely been a caring little girl today.  We hope Ruby feels better tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Back to life, Back to reality

  1. Sounds like the marriage retreat was great. We will be making the one in 2011. Count on it! Oh, and the journaling…not as good as I should.

  2. Kristy…Faith is sick too! She started running a temp last night. She stayed home from school and will be home tomorrow too. I bet they shared germs! Hope she feels better soon. I am sure she will with such a fantastic sister 😉

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