Ruby is back in the saddle again

Ruby feels much better today.  No fever, no nothing.  I am so glad.  We took a quick trip up to the neighborhood park this morning.  Everyone went to the bathroom before-hand, but still Ruby hollered out after being there for only about 20 minutes that she “really needs to go and can’t hold it any more!!!”  So, we made our way back to the house.  She also felt good enough to dress herself this am.  She was sad that I made her NOT wear the hand-me-down from Faith Baker…a jumpsuit that she adores.  She even wears it to sleep in.  Josh tells her she has to put on pjs when he is in charge (which is a big step for him…there’s a story here, but I will leave it alone for now).  I, on the other hand, just let her sleep in it.  I have changed which battles I am fighting.  AND she has fallen in love with the little cowgirl in Toy Story 2 and has been going around the house hollering out, “RUN LIKE THE WIND, BULLS EYE.  LADEEELAHOOOO….YEEE-HAAAWWWW!” while she throws around her princess halo thing like a lasso.  Quite humorous.   And some pictures…..


She dressed herself...doesn't mind that it is backwards
She dressed herself...doesn't mind that it is backwards

On our way to the park Molly wanted to take her stroller.  Well, Mack really wanted to push something, too, so I let him push the other stroller.  Josh would have a hissy over this, but again, I am choosing my battles.  There is truly nothing feminine about the boy—other than pushing this stroller.  Ha! My argument to Josh is that he pushes strollers all the time, and he is not gay.  I am going to get Mack a wheel barrow or something of the sort for his birthday next month, so that the stroller thing won’t be an issue.


And lastly, here is Ruby in “cowgirl” mode…not sure how this worn out cheer outfit and high-heels fit in, but whatever….

"Run like the wind, Bullseye...ladeeelahoooo, yeeeehaw!"


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  1. Funny!! When we were there, I saw the jumpsuit laying on the stairs. Ruby tried to convince me that that is what she was supposed to wear that day. When I told her that you had something picked out for her, she had a very sad look on her face. I had no idea this was the new favorite!! 🙂

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