MOLLY AND RUBY--living the good life
MOLLY AND RUBY--living the good life

As I mentioned before, we are not royalty–just in case anyone was still unsure about that.  BUT, I decided to bring breakfast up to the girls this morning.  They both came in around 6:30am, and I let them sleep in my place while I went downstairs to enjoy some coffee and The Word in the quietness that is extremely rare around here…but OH so nice…and I am feeling quite giddy at the thought of tomorrow.  Josh and I are leaving tomorrow for 24 hours away for a Marriage Retreat with our Sunday School class.   I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!  Why would I be so excited you might ask?  I can’t figure out if it because I will get alone time with Josh (I am trying to figure out how to discreetly throw his cell phone out the window–any suggestions?) or maybe it is the facial AND a swedish massage (not sure what the swedish part has to do with it, but I don’t care) or if it is the luxury of eating and only feeding myself (I hope Josh will excuse me if I try to stick some mac-n-cheese in his mouth or ask him to say “AHHHH” so that the food will get all the way in his mouth) or hanging out and actually having conversations with so many sweet friends the Lord has blessed us with….and in all this fun, I am praying the Lord will meet us where we are in our marriages and give us glimpses of where He wants us to be in them…I have been praying specifically that Josh and I will reflect Christ and the Church to our kids, to our friends and to strangers more effectively….

Gotta say a special thank you to Mary (and Ben and Katherine) and the Baker family for watching our three munchkins.  It is so easy to leave when you know such wonderful people are taking care of your kids.  Y’all are the best!!!  And just ignore the girls if they ask to eat their breakfast in bed!  Ha.

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  1. Good times….good times!! Fun conversation with Miss Mary before she left too. We will fill you in, Kristy, in about 6 years!!

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