COVID-19, 3/18/20

COVID-19, day five quarantine for my kids and me.

It was challenging to get up this morning. I mean, what for? We are staying here all. day. long. again. This makes five days of quarantine for the kids and me. So, I believe it is safe to say none of us have it since I think I read that you can have it for four days without showing symptoms. And everything I read on facebook and insta is true, so I am certain we are all ok (sarcasm).

Josh is the one that is going to work. He’s doing all the right things—social distancing (very easy for him), washing his hands long and often, etc. But if any of us get it, he’s solely to blame, so there’s that. But he is also the one I will send to the grocery store when that becomes a necessity. He will be “taking one for team” for the next couple of weeks. And we love him for that.

I vented in my journal this morning. So many people sharing about their first experiences with home schooling—which you technically aren’t doing—you are schooling at home and trust me when I say to you there is a difference. But I digress.  Good for you having a positive attitude. Making a schedule. Having fun snacks and breaks and creative PE times. I am happy for you. But I have BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT AND I DON’T EVEN WANT A T-SHIRT.  It is so selfish, I know, but I am disappointed beyond belief when I think about the fact that we have tasted the freedom and awesomeness of the kids being at school, and we have liked it a lot. We all feel that we have done our fair share of time of home schooling, of togetherness. We were really liking our new normal. Liking it a lot. And now we are back together again. It’s definitely a sore subject. We can add that to our list of subjects—“Learning to Cope with Craploads of Disappointment.” But if anyone wants my advice, spend your time teaching your kids the difference between their, they’re and there AND to, two, too. This, to me, would be success at the end of this month. I cleaned out the garage area and threw away copious amounts of home school assignments. And written often on papers was this:


The kids all slept in Molly’s room last night. It’s sweet. They’re enjoying their time together. They are also watching shows and texting friends. They are caught up on laundry for the first time in months. They have gone on walks with me almost daily. Today on our walk, a three year old kid yelled out to us, “Hey, guys! I am putting out a fire!!” He was pretending to be a fireman, and I loved it. I do that, too. Not pretend to be a fireman, but talking to anyone who looks in my direction on our walks these days. I say to them—“Hey! How are you? Hanging in there? Got everything you need?” My kids are like—MOM!!!! And I’m like—SHUTUP. I AM JUST FINE WITHOUT Y’ALL AROUND ALL DAY. LET ME SPEAK TO WHOM I WANT TO SPEAK. It was lunch time after the walk. Everyone fixed something different and the kitchen is messy again. The whole house never gets a break when everyone is home like this. I don’t think I will ever again complain about them buying $6 lunches at school every day when they’re ony supposed to buy two days a week each. Just as long as you aren’t fixing and eating lunch in my kitchen, I don’t care. {if all of this sounds brash and harsh and insensitive….it probably is, but I make no apologies today.}

All the togetherness of these days and my dog asking me when these kids are going back to school so she can have her nap schedule back. She even wonders why I am here so much.

I told them no tv til 2:00, yet Mack just opened the back door to tell me he is going to watch something while Ruby draws. I said, “But it isn’t 2:00, can’t you find something else to do?” He replied, “No ma’am, it’s a pretty boring world these days. Don’t worry about us….” And off he goes to get dumber. SIGH. 

So this is day five. I’m wrestling with some negativity….BUT…The sun is shining outside. We are healthy. Josh has a job. I have plenty of coffee. My trainers sends at-home workouts. We have food. We have toilet paper. We are blessed even in the midst of my disappointment.

And I am learning some great spiritual truths. Spending lots of time talking to God. Maybe I will post a little bit about that soon. It’s good stuff and what is getting me through the days.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19, 3/18/20

  1. I too feel your angst. I have not homeschooled before and that I will NOT say, by they way you are AWESOME for doing that. I am a preschool teacher, and yes I miss working (I just said that). I am happy that we are all healthy and we have all that we need and want, but just this morning, I was like, do I really have to make breakfast, lunch and dinner again. But, I also realized that we are lucky to be able to do that. So, my friend you are not alone at all. I also look forward to your blogs. Can’t wait for your book. Don’t forget us little people when you get famous 😉

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