Lift up your feet!

I am well into Exodus at this point in my Old Testament reading, but I cannot move on to write about Exodus until I record my thoughts on Genesis 29:1. It’s simple. It’s basic. But it is beautiful.

“Then Jacob went on his journey, and came to the land of the sons of the east.”

In the margin of my bible, the reference section gives another translation on the first little bit of this verse, and I love it.

It could read: “Then Jacob lifted up his feet…”

I’ve had seasons where lifting up my feet seemed impossible because of a heavy heart. I have had seasons of real sadness that seemed to linger. I would have to give myself a pep talk to put my feet on the floor and get out of bed! Just these last two weeks I felt a temptation to focus on the heavy things in life, the unknown things that threaten to weigh me down and derail me. I even wrote in my journal, “I sense a deep sadness close by and wanting to settle in. It’s 5:30am—a little early for attacks, it seems.” It would have been easier to not move forward…go back to bed even! But I didn’t. I got up, putting one foot in front of the other and did the day. And I have sensed the Lord with me in real ways this week. He’s sent others to encourage me. He’s given me perspective. He’s given me endurance. He’s given me patience. He’s given me what I need for each step I take. He’s carried my burdens—He promises to do that, you know.

I don’t know what is weighing you down today, but I know that God is the One who helps us lift up our feet and take the next steps into our day. They may seem insignificant—steps up to the laundry room to wash clothes. Steps through the grocery store to buy food. Steps around the block to pray and clear your mind. Steps over to give a hug to someone. Steps of obedience even when you aren’t sure where you’re going to end up. All these steps add up to a life walking hand in hand with the Lord, a steady trail of faithfulness as we lift up our feet and walk with our Creator. 

Don’t miss where He wants your feet to take you today. 

For me, my feet are taking me upstairs to the laundry room. Happy stepping. God is with you!


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