What song are you writing?

Inspiration comes in many different ways, through various types of people and at all sorts of times.

This afternoon, I was driving and listening to The Habit podcast that The Rabbit Room had recommended on Instagram. The guest was Heidi Johnson, who wrote Choosing Love that I bought my girls for Christmas. Heidi mentioned Adorning the Dark, a book by Andrew Peterson, which I read not too long ago and, as a result, was greatly encouraged to make beautiful things in this broken world. Well, Heidi mentions that Andrew acknowledges his wife, Jamie, with absolutely beautiful and inspiring words in his latest book. She shares the words, and then I went home and found them for myself. 

“Finally, my deepest thanks go to Jamie, whose unflagging affection has given me courage for twenty-five years now. She’d never claim to be an artist, but she’s one of the most creative people I know. Her song is our family.”


Well, stick a fork in me. 

What a beautiful sentiment. 


As someone who loves to write and even senses there is purpose behind my love for writing—though I am not sure exactly what that is supposed to look like—it can feel like if I am not actively writing, contributing to other websites, making plans for a book, etc, then I am not being creative and using my gifts. And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

How I love and respect Josh, how I love and train and encourage the kids, the ways I make a home, the ways I welcome people here can be a song I sing to God.


May the Lord give me the energy, the discernment, the overflowing joy, and a deep sense of purpose as I create a song here in my home with the people I love so dearly—all for His great glory. May that song be taken with us as we leave this home and go out into this broken world that desperately needs to come in contact with beautiful things that point to Jesus.