You can’t re-create the morning.

At risk of sounding legalistic or heavy on the “law” and light on the “grace,” I am going to make a statement: There is no time like the early morning to spend with Jesus. 

With the kids on break, the days around here have been relaxed and the routine has been nowhere to be found; the rhythm is way off. Mack has slept til at least 10:30 most every day and grown about two inches! I figure he is in need of rest so he can grow. Rest and lots of food, evidently.  My days are markedly different with the kids home all day—one would think I would easily adjust considerding we home schooled for ten years and my kids were alway with me. But on the contrary, I am very aware now that I am missing my quiet time in the house alone. I have become one of the moms I previously judged as I ponder, “When do these kids go back to school????” You don’t know what you don’t know. And I didn’t know how much I loved huge chunks of time alone. But now I do. Please don’t misunderstand me. I do love my kids. I think they are funny, and I enjoy hanging out with them….AND…I like being by myself. That’s all.

Ok, moving on. 

So it has been made clear to me again that if you miss out on the morning quiet time—that time when it is still dark outside, when a faint lamp here and there are the only lights shining in your house, making it difficult to notice any messes or sticky countertops. A time when starting laundry would wake others up. When even the dog doesn’t stir. And most of the people in your time zone aren’t at work.THAT time is precious. That time of the day cannot be re-created. I know because I have tried over the last couple of weeks. 

I sleep in and shuffle into the kitchen to pour my coffee, but I am interrupted by the dog needing to go out, needing food, needing attention. Or I wake up early and prepare to take Molly to get her wisdom teeth removed, sure I will have some down time later in the day to read God’s Word and listen for His love and direction only to, instead, be the medicine giver, the mac-n-cheese maker, the blanket getter, the popsicle getter, and all of the other nurse-like things that I am not super at doing. Or maybe it’s a morning like this first day of 2020. We stayed up late to ring in the New Year—-I am not a fan. I would rather go to bed at a nice, decent time and wake up refreshed to start the New Year, and I suppose I could if I wanted to leave my family in the living room ringing in the New Year without me, but I didn’t want to do that. Yet I know how I spend my evening determines a lot about my morning. I woke up with about fifteen minutes to have my coffee, enjoy time in the Word, have something to eat AND get dressed and leave for my workout. Of course, most of that—the most important parts of that list—didn’t happen. When I got home, I turned the coffee back on, but the family was starting to get hungry, so I needed to get our New Year meal going. Of course, before I could get the meal going, I would need to clean up from last night. I would eye my coffee pot and then glance at the clock trying to figure out if I could find thirty minutes or so to be alone. But I couldn’t, and despite re-heating my coffee two more times, I never sat down to sip that coffee and read my Bible. I just had to keep going with the demands of the day.

I know God can speak at the kitchen sink. He often has. I know He can use long drives or certain songs to speak to my heart. And He has. He even can speak to me through the laundry, and He definitely has done that with me. So I am all for praying without ceasing and finding God in the mundane. For sure! Amen. I believe He is everywhere and inhibited by nothing.

AND I believe my heart is especially sensitive to Him first thing in the morning before life’s demands begin bombarding. You can’t re-create the morning. It comes once a day and then it is gone. Time keeps ticking and there are things to be done. 

I want to double my efforts and energy to getting up earlier to enjoy that early morning time that I always treasure once I actually get my butt out of the bed and sip that coffee. I will never waste one second that I choose to spend with The Lord and in His Word. I know He will speak to me any time of the day, but it’s been my experience that I am listening a little better early in the morning. 

Happy New Year!! Cheers to early mornings and quiet houses!