It’s been 19 years since I dropped my middle name like a bad habit and slid my maiden name in it’s place—like a good southern girl— and proudly became Mrs. Kristy R. Dorminy. (Hoke was my middle name…so southern tradition or not, it had to go!)

Josh and I are both 42 years old. Our kids are almost all teenagers. He is usually quite busy with his job. I am usually driving our kids this way and that and doing laundry or cooking. It’s a busy season of marriage, and we need reminders to think of each other. I don’t actually forget Josh, and he doesn’t forget he has a wife. I am talking about truly putting yourself in your spouse’s shoes. Truly trying to understand each other’s stresses and joys, challenges and victories. Thinking about his day and all that it entails.

When he walks through the door in the evening, am I at all aware of the load he has carried all day? Is it because I am painfully aware of my own load so much that I don’t have time to consider his? One may think these are elementary teachings of marriage. But I know I need to be reminded to turn towards Josh. Enter his world. Understand him as best as I can in order to love him well and meet him where he is….even, or maybe especially, after 19 years of marriage.


I am super grateful for a husband like Josh. He is so good for me! I think we make a great team, and I hope we get to play this life out together for many, many more years. Happy 19th, Joshua Lee.

3 thoughts on “19 YEARS

  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary! I remember this day 19 years ago! Love you and Josh and will be praying years of Amy’s.

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