Molly Lee

It was all about Molly last Thursday on Graduation Day.  She was beside herself with excitement!

Sweet little Kindergarten Graduate

Mrs. Honaker gave out an award to each child and talked a little bit about them.  Molly got the “Prayer Warrior” award, which was so sweet because Mrs. Honaker told us that Molly prayed each day she was at school for Gran and when she went to Heaven, Molly started praying for PawPaw.  That Molly is a sweet little girl.

By the time it was over, everyone was done with the whole “graduation ceremony” thing.

Mack made faces at me while we waited for everything to start.

I’m not really sure what I will do without Mrs. Honaker as one of our teachers next year. Ruby had her and then Molly, and she is the sweetest thing ever.  Her assistant, Mrs. Walley, is also amazingly kind.  We will miss them!

The whole night was special for all of us.  I love their school and how I get to spend so much time with them, but they still get to go to class a couple of days a week.  We are very blessed to be able to be a part of this school.  I am also very happy that we have Summer break now.  While we will still be working on reading, writing and math….we will also take lots of fun breaks to the pool and the park and Rita’s, of course!  🙂

Ruby had a party on the last day at a local park.  The kids had a blast playing together one last time before Summer break.

Ruby is such a good girl.  We are working on self-control and cleaning up our own messes, but she has lots of strengths.  She is a great big sister and tends to keep everyone in order–whether they like it or not.  She is a fabulous speller and reads all. the. time.  Allthetime.  Books are left all around the house all of the time.  She plays so well with other kids, especially if we are at the park.  She likes to meet new kids.  She is great on the monkey bars!  She is also an early riser, which kind of gets on my nerves, but I think it is a quality that will do her well if she hangs on to it through the teen years/college years.

Ruby and some of her sweet girl friends.

This is Luke.  They were in Kindergarten together also.  When I asked them to stop for a picture, he picked up a bat and struck this pose.  Boys are so funny.

And this is Ruby’s 1st grade class.  Only one boy was missing.  They seemed to be a great group of kids.  Ruby has had fun with them this year.

So tomorrow is our first official day of break.  We had a party Friday night, birthday party Saturday and church/birthday party/church today, and I am exhausted.  I do have some plans for the Summer that I hope to cover on the blog….the zoo, a baseball game, the pool, trips to see family, many library visits, some math fun (is that possible????), spelling games and more!  But first, a long night’s sleep is in order.

5 thoughts on “Molly Lee

  1. I hope some of your plans are to see us this summer. I really miss seeing all of you. Come see us soon. The pictures show how fast they are growing.

    Love to all, GG

  2. Aww! Molly is so sweet. Prayer Warrior?? WOW! What a great characteristic to have at such a young age too. 🙂 And Ruby looks so much like you!! She’s so cute! Love ya’ll!

    boys are silly…Mack is silly!

  3. Good job Molly!!! I can’t believe how much you have grown! I like the picture of you hat your Mom posted above the family photo. You look beautiful and 23 all at the same time!

  4. Cute pics of Molly… you can see her excitement! 🙂 Funny, Cacy says Ruby looks like you… I think Molly looks just like you and I see so much of your mom in Ruby! 🙂
    I hope ya’ll have a great summer! I am looking so forward to ours and being home with Carson. One more day of post planning!!!

  5. Way to go Molly. You look so grown in your cap and gown. I can tell that you really enjoyed “your day.”
    Ruby,I love the pictures of you and your friends on the bridge ladder. Y’all are adorable.
    Mack you make the cutest faces. I could just squeeze you!

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