Pizza, Cupcakes and Fun

From the title you may think we went to a kid’s birthday party…we didn’t!  Every few months the church hosts a “Young Adult Night Out” where you can drop your kids off for $10 from 5:30 until 9:30pm.  You cannot beat that. Our kids love playing with their friends, and we love some time away.

Tonight we went to YOUR PIE, a local pizza place where you get an individual pizza and put whatever toppings you want on it.  Very laid back place that was fun to meet up at.  (“at which it was fun to meet.”….that’s grammatically correct, I know.)  Afterwards, the couples from class met back at our house for cupcakes from CLOUD 9 and some other yummy desserts.  We had an absolute blast getting to know one another.  Everybody brought a picture of themselves 8 years or younger, and we played “Guess Who is Who.”  We even gave out prizes, which makes it all the more fun!  I was guessed correctly on everyone’s sheet…I’m guessing the big curly fro was a dead-give-away.  Josh was guessed correctly, too, and he also won “The Cutest Kid” award.  He basically looks like Mack with a red wig on his head.  The couples in our class are so much fun!  They are hilarious, witty, kind, crazy, some (though few) tend to be proper while others are rednecks through and through.  Some have been married nearly 20 years and others only 3 years.  Some have no kids, some have 5!!  Everyone is just so different, and I love spending time with them.  We laughed a lot tonight.  And we shared some things we’re learning from the Lord, which is always an encouragement to me.  Love these people.  Wish I had taken a picture of them so you can see our group, but I was too busy enjoying them and the cupcake.

Ok, back to the important stuff…the cupcakes.  They were so pretty and everyone seemed to have fun trying to figure out which one they really wanted.  Ruby was just hoping that this Birthday Cake cupcake was still here when she got home:

I enjoyed the Raspberry Chocolate cupcake:

Mack and Josh liked this Reese’s Peanut Butter cupcake:

There were so many to choose from!!!  Molly wanted a strawberry one, but they were all gone.  She picked the Cloud 9 signature cupcake, and when I told her Mr. Rocky also had that one, she was glad to have it!

Maybe tomorrow I will post the graduation and last day of school pictures!  We most definitely have some things to celebrate this weekend!

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  1. sounds like lots of fun. hope to catch some dorminy class in a few months! can’t wait.

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