Our Break

Well, we are two days in to our break from school, and we have been busy!  We’ve been to our library and got to check out a ton of books for the kids.  Ruby and Molly are such great readers.  Ruby is definitely strongest in that area, compared to other areas…like math…a-hem…don’t know where she would get that from.  So Ruby is doing a lot of reading.  Molly enjoys numbers, so she and I have been practicing some addition facts.  She reads well, too, but not nearly with as much feeling and inflection as Ruby…yet.  The trick is going to be being consistent with each of them in the areas that need attention.  See, that’s when they start whining and complaining, and I am tempted to just say, “Forget it!!”

Mack and I are still trying to figure out the difference between A, B, C, and D.  You will surely hear from me if we start making progress in this area.

It is H-O-T here today.  We went to a park this morning, then we went to Rita’s and got the car washed.  We are home now, and this is what is going on in the backyard:

They seem to be having fun with the water.  Mrs. Dorminy bought that yellow bucket and the blue thing you attach to the hose a few years ago.  It has been the greatest toy ever!  They love sticking the yellow bucket on there, filling up the bucket and dumping it on one another or filling up those bigger tubs.  If you see something like this when you are out, GET IT for the kid in your life.  I can’t find any…I was going to get them as gifts.  Let me know if anyone sees any!!

And lastly, here is a snapshot of Ruby, Molly, me and Josh in Kindergarten.  So cute!

2 thoughts on “Our Break

  1. I love the K pics. Remind me to tell you about our conversation at dinner the other night…your hair came up…funny!

  2. Cute pics!! Looks like ya’ll are doing the same thing we are…playing with water! My kids would stay outside ALL day if I let them. What toy are you talking about?? All I saw was a blue slide and yellow buckets??? Let me know what your talking about b/c I’d love to buy my kids one. 🙂 I also want 2 or 3 of those BIG buckets!! That looks like it would keep my kids busy for hours! lol!

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