To say Molly is excited about school starting would be an understatement.  That little girl cannot wait to go to Kindergarten!  A friend from church gave some uniform skirts and a pair of pants and a jumper to us on Sunday.  What a blessing!  Molly tried it on last night and then wanted it back on this morning.

She looks so grown-up!

The kids don’t start school until August 17th.  Most public schools started today, so I thought that last night might be a good time to go get some school supplies since we didn’t have church and I would have Josh to help me.  I mean, my thought process was that most people are gonna be at home getting their kids ready for school the next day.  Boy, was I wrong!  Lots of last minute shoppers were at Target.  It wasn’t horrible, but is sure wasn’t pleasant.  My idea turned out to be bad.  Oh well.  I got almost everything we needed.  The other few things can be found at Schoolbox.

This morning I heard Mack making his way down the stairs, so I opened my door to greet him.  He, evidently, really wanted a certain amount of cars and trucks to come down with him this morning because both of his hands were full AND one was in his mouth!!  It was the cutest thing.  He is a quick thinker….”if I can’t fit this one in my hands, then I will just put it in my mouth.”  Cute.

This past Saturday we went to Augusta for Rennison’s 2nd birthday.  We got up at 5am and quickly got ready, then got on the road after we stopped in at Waffle House for some yummy breakfast.  We were in Augusta around 9:30am.

Rennison was so cute opening her gifts and eating her cake.  She really seems like a fun little girl!  Vance was her spokesperson.  When Marcy asked her, “Renn, what do you say when you open your gifts?,” VANCE said loudly, “Thank you!  I love it!!!!”  He is a hoot.  The kids all played and ate ice cream and cake and then we headed back home that evening.  It was so fun to take a quick trip over and see everybody.

Very soon I will be meeting with Ruby and Molly’s teachers about the new school year!  That should be exciting.  I am working against being overwhelmed.  I just have to take it moment by moment and see how homeschooling a Kindergartener and 1st grader will work….all the while keeping Mack entertained.  Should be an adventurous year.

4 thoughts on “Excited

  1. I was hoping the same thing about school supplies since there wasn’t any time Friday or Saturday to do our shopping! Then Wal-Mart was completely out of notebook paper, pencils and watercolors! Rite-Aid didn’t have any of those things and I finally found some at Publix but probably paid twice as much for them there. Oh well.

    Don’t get overwhelmed! You’ll do fine! Moll looks so sweet in her uniform!

  2. Molly looks perfect! She is going to LOVE school, and Mack is going to LOVE having you all to himself a couple of times each week!

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