Randomness I want to remember

Today at the book store, Mack and Molly went straight to the kid’s section and found many cute books that they LOVED.  We only got two…THREE LITTLE PIGS because Mack asks me to tell him that story every time he potties big.  Ruby was shocked to find out that the wolf actually does eat two of the little pigs.  I tell the story in such a way that the big, bad wolf and the three little pigs end up being friends.  OH well.  I also got OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO! for Ruby.  She is such a great reader, and I just knew she would love that book.  I started writing some verses in the front of the book about how God directs our steps, and I was amazed at how much of Scripture teaches us about that.  I had to stop with six verses, but I could have filled the whole book up with them, it seemed.

While we were in the book store, Mack spotted a tool set that he said he really needed.  I totally blew him off and said something like, “Um, no.  Put that back.”  We walked around and talked to each other and then we all walked up towards the front to check out.  I turned around to see Mack “hiding” the toolset behind his back and looking up and away from me…in his mind he was saying, “She can’t see me.  She can’t see my tool set.  She will never know that I have it….”  That kid cracks me up!  We had a talk about what he was attempting to do…sin, lies, deceit, prison, NO!, Obey your Mama….something like that.

At dinner tonight he was being so silly.  We have two friends over to play, so he thought he had an audience.  He was totally hamming it up.  Molly said she was finished.  I asked  Mack if he was finished, then he leaned over to Molly and said, “Not yet, belly button!!!!”  Random.  Silly.  Non-stop.  It went on and on and on.  I was not amused.

Oh and I have to tell this story.  Wednesday night a little girl was sort of short and mean to Ruby.  Ruby would have been fine about it IF I had not been helping out in her room that night.  I saw it happen, and Ruby looked right at me and started crying.  This little girl has some exceptional circumstances that make life hard for her.  I was trying to tactfully explain this to Ruby after church.  She seemed to actually have a heart for the girl after our talk.  THEN, in the car on the way home she was telling Josh about how that girl had been to her and why….she said, “I never had someone be like that to me, and I have never been like that to anyone else  (PAUSE)  except my family.”


I get that.  Unfortunately, I totally get that.

So after such a long week, I am glad that some of these funny stories rise to the top and make me laugh.

Don’t tell Molly, but we didn’t bring our camera Sunday night when she and Ruby sang in big church.  We also didn’t bring the camera Wednesday night when she got her Cubbie Awards.  The text I wrote to Josh went like this:  “Loser-Mom here.  Forgot the camera.”

Poor Molly.  I guess we are just making sure that she is the messed up middle child everyone talks about.  Josh and I are second born children; you’d think we’d guard this a little more.  We obviously don’t.  I just keep reminding myself that in THE BIRTH ORDER BOOK it says that middle children are the most well-adjusted adults.  They put up with so much junk at home, that they can handle the real world best.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

Love you Mom and Dad and Marcy and Cacy!  🙂

Here’s to you, Molly!

Look at her go!  She’s a fabulous bike rider, that Molly!!!  And she smiles so pretty, too.

2 thoughts on “Randomness I want to remember

  1. I love all of these! I Read your stuff all the time even thought I dont leave comments! Those kiddos are so cute- and sweet! I really enjoy keeping up with yall! I think im going to send this to steph, she would love to be able to keep up with yall!

  2. The story about Ruby and the girl being mean to her is precious…she should learn that lesson early…that people can be mean, but sometimes it’s b/c they have circumstances we don’t know about…hmm, I COULD STAND TO BE REMINDED OF THAT LESSON MYSELF!!! And the ‘family’ comment – aren’t we all guilty of that daily!? Thx for posting all the good stories…good things to remember 🙂

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