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Well, today was THE last day of Kindergarten for sweet, little Ruby.  Mrs. Honaker got two huge inflatables for them to jump in all morning.  They loved that, of course.  I got minimal sleep last night and ran around like crazy this morning, so I still haven’t recovered from this week.  I hope this weekend will bring some calm into my world.  🙂

Here are a few more shots that I wanted to share from last night:

While Mrs. Honaker was telling all about how kind-hearted Ruby is!

While Ruby led us in The Pledge

Mack’s buddy from church was there, too.  Lincoln is such a sweet kid;  he always welcomes Mack into class with a smile and tells him to come and play trucks with him.  They are so funny interacting together.  I love it.

So, officially, we are done for about 12 weeks.  We are looking forward to laid back summer days!  Warm sunshine, playing in the water, eating watermelon and ice cream, and having friends over.  I know we will make a trip to each grandparent’s house, too!  I want to work in a doctor’s appointment for each kid AND for me!  (Does anyone else have a hard time returning to the GYN when you had to go so often when you were pregnant back to back???)  We have a surprise birthday gift for Ruby that will include the FOX theatre!  I am sure I will work on some organization of the school room, but let’s just not talk about that right now, OK?  I am going to enjoy the rain and thunder!  Happy Friday.  Happy Summer.

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  1. I could seriously cry my eyes out…love these graduations posts…love that Ruby 🙂

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