Molly’s new obsession

Molly has a new obsession.  Her name is Dalayna.  Meet Dalayna:

We have had this baby doll for a long time.  I think it was Ruby’s.  Ruby isn’t much into baby dolls though.  I think her name used to be Abigail.  This is the doll that Mack was referring to when he said to me, “Molly has a baby doll that has curly hair like you.”  I knew immediately of which doll he was speaking.

Josh confirmed this thought when he said last night, “That doll has curly hair like Mama, but Mama’s hair is curlier.”

WHAT????!!!!!!  He was in trouble and didn’t even know it.

Molly says this baby girl is REAL.  If I toss her off the couch, I am in BIG trouble cuz this baby is REAL!!!  Last night Molly got out of bed and said, “Mama,  Ruby thinks that I am gooing and gaaing, but it is my baby.  She doesn’t believe me, but my baby is really doing it.”

Sure, Molly.  Whatever you say.

I was gone a couple of nights this past weekend.  Josh said that Molly told him, “We wouldn’t be doing this if Mama was here!” several times.  For example, when they ate pizza in MY bed.  Oh, yes they did….or when I was gone for about five minutes and they were playing Mrs. Pac-Man…or when they all three slept in my bed and Josh gave it up to them and slept in Mack’s bed…or when he let Molly wear white shorts to a birthday party that had an inflatable.  Let’s just say that they are not white any more.  🙂

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I am not complaining.  I think it is very funny how different we do things.  My heart is so appreciative of him allowing me that time away!!!!

This week we have Ruby’s graduation, Awana awards night and more!!!  We best hang on to our hats.

3 thoughts on “Molly’s new obsession

  1. I think Dalayna is slightly creepy…j/k…don’t tell Molly. And pizza…in a bed…YOUR bed, no less? Note to self – don’t leave my kids with Josh (unless that are at your house, of course!!) hahahahaha

  2. OK I agree with Marcy…creepy. But y’alls hair is similar. You should see the wig I put on Zeb this morning for decade day…he looked like you j/k :)get Cacy to send you the text picture to your cell phone.

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