Train Station

Tonight was a Fun Family Friday Night at the Dorminy house.  This isn’t a title we use often; it just seemed to fit with having fun as a family on this particular Friday night.  ANYWAY, Josh set up the train in Mack’s room.  They all three got the train last Christmas.  It was put away early on in the process of building this house and thinking that we would be moving sometime in the near future.  I pulled it down the other day when I had a light bulb moment while I sat in wonder and frustration of how to keep Mack out of my hair while Ruby and I did school.

DSC_0014It all started out just fine and dandy because Molly was with me painting in the school room.  She had been begging to do so for many, many hours.  Ruby was in and out between Mack’s room and the school room…just seeing who was having more fun.

Then, I heard Ruby calling orders to each train.  “Train #9, stop.”  “Now, Go.”  “Stop.”  “Ok, go.”  I walked in and saw her with a conductor’s hat and a play stethoscope for calling out her commands.  It was so funny.  Ruby let Molly have a turn and this went on so long that I decided to go get my camera.



DSC_0012Molly was very much into this calling out orders business and controlling the trains without having an actual remote in her hand.

DSC_0005Josh was actually having a pretty good time as well.

DSC_0006Until Mack decides to intervene…this train is in HIS room, so he ultimately is over all that pertains to the train, right?

DSC_0010And, besides, “ME WORK ON TRAIN.”

DSC_0018Then, more trouble is heard across the room….and it’s Mack again. He wants to be the conductor.  He sees that the power is with the one who wears the stethoscope.

DSC_0019He looks like he might choke on the stethoscope, but the girls are offering him no help.

Busy day at the train station.  Wonder who will be in control tomorrow?

One thought on “Train Station

  1. cute pics! this is so funny b/c jud got a train table and train station 2 years ago and i have yet to get it down to let him play with it!! i am so mean…it just has soooo many parts and pieces that i don’t want them to lose them or mess them up!? i’m just wondering…why we even bought it!?! i really need to get that down for him and let him enjoy it! thanks for giving me the nudge to do so! toot! toot! (that’s my imitation of a train horn) haha!!

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