Riding and Riding and Riding!

If nothing else, there was a ton of riding here this weekend.  Riding bikes with training wheels, bikes without training wheels, pink scooters, blue hot wheels, pink hot wheels, bikes without pedals or training wheels and even riding over toes and into one another.  They all had fun!  Jud couldn’t wait to show us what a big boy he is riding his new bike without training wheels.  He did so great and even inspired Ruby to try it!



DSC_0010I love this picture…notice the “professional” biker in the background.

DSC_0015Look at cute Aunt Cacy helping Jud get started.

DSC_0020Above you see Mack running from Kaybeth….just kidding…though Kaybeth is quite the fiesty booger.  Saturday morning we heard some crying, which is not rare, but after a little while of hearing it, I looked out the window to see who was crying and why.  Mack got rammed by Kaybeth with her bike.  He walked away crying, she lifted her bike and walked over to him and rammed him again.  Aunt Cacy stepped in swiftly and firmly.  I couldn’t help but giggle because this sweet little girl doesn’t strike you as fiesty, but she is!  I hear that she and Vance have a love/hate relationship.  I could see that being the case with Mack and her if they lived closer.  She is a sweet girl, too.  She just likes to shake things up a bit.



Ruby had fun riding without training wheels.  She did great!  Josh helped her get started.


DSC_0052Molly was on the “strider,” the bike with no pedals or training wheels…great for getting ready to ride a bike!


Kaybeth and Ruby with the community apple.  I should have taken a picture of each kid with the apple….





That night we ate lasagna, gave everyone a shower, then read a few books and watched a movie.


The next morning we all got up early, got ready and went to ULTA for some make-up, Kirklands for a few items for the house, and then to eat Mexican at a place called “Dos Margaritas.”  Now, I am not a drinker and never have been, but IF I WAS OR EVER HAD BEEN, dos margaritas would have been in order.  Shopping and five children five years and under do NOT mix.  The restaurant experience was actually very good with all the kids.  Everyone was hungry, so they ate good and didn’t cause a scene.  I almost did though.  A little piece of a chip got stuck in my throat.  It was horrible and ruined my whole eating experience!  Every time I swallowed it felt like a knife was going down my throat.  Cacy made fun and offered some suggestions like, “Eat something bigger to push it down” as she put a piece of a chicken nugget in my face.  “It looks horrible, but it is actually really good,”  she said.  Finally, the chip went down and all was well.  I was glad that the waiter didn’t have to perform any type of maneuver on me.  We came home after that and the kids played and played and played…..




I had a very fun time with Cacy, Jud and Kaybeth.  I am so glad she took the long drive alone with her kids.  That is not easy, but all of us had fun seeing them.

Today it is raining.  I love it!  We will be here all day, homeschooling, cleaning, and being sure to work in a nap!  Monday, Monday……..la, la, lalalala….

6 thoughts on “Riding and Riding and Riding!

  1. love the duck, duck, goose pic…i love action shots! kaybeth just kept running and running! she doesn’t have a clue! haha! we had fun and can’t wait to come visit again!

  2. This makes me wish one of my sisters would come visit…I won’t say which one! It looks like you guys had so much fun!

  3. Aww, this makes me wish I HAD a sister! LOL! 🙂 …and also reminds me, it’s time to get together with Cacy again. Sounds like you guys had a great time together!
    Once I get the courage to make that drive, I’ve got to go to Bread Beckers (in Woodstock) and I’d LOVE to make a lunch/playdate with the Dorminys!

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