I found these pictures when I finally decided to transfer the pictures from my camera to i-photo.  This was from last weekend when we had the jumpy thing at our house.  Their daddy was helping them get comfortable with it.


Once the weekend was winding down, the jumpy thing was losing its appeal a bit, so we watched the kids just play all around it instead of jumping in it.

Molly decides to use the jumpy thing as her pretend house, and she pulls up a rocking chair to relax and read a book.

DSC_0029Then, Mack, recognizing that someone is enjoying themselves, goes over to wreak havoc…after all, that is HIS book.

DSC_0031As you can see, the older sister, Ruby, is quick to recognize turmoil and runs to exercise her authority and get things resolved.


This is serious business.  I am sure the conversation was something like, “Mack, you get away from her right now.  That is not your book.  You have to share.  Leave Molly alone.  I mean it, Mack.”  Macks reply is something like, “My book.  No, Ruby, NO!”

DSC_0033Ruby waits patiently for SOMEONE, ANYONE to listen to her and obey.

DSC_0034Then, Molly, the peacemaking middle child decides to just give in to her brother.  She can’t stand all the arguing.


DSC_0036“Being the middle child is not easy,” Molly thinks to herself.  Ruby is thinking, “If you would just stick with me, you’d be fine and you’d still have your book.”  Mack is thinking, “Yep.  It works every time.  I can dig this ‘baby’ thing.”

He comes back to Molly–just to make sure things are ok between them.  She is his closest bud at this point.  Ruby reads his ploys all too well.


And while Molly isn’t paying much attention to him, she still gives in to his ways…….


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