Hear the HUH sound in the “H” Words

Ruby and I did some school today while Josh was home and could watch the other two.  We were singing the “H” song.  She does so well with singing her phonics words and making the sounds of the letters.  There was a picture of a hamster that looked suspiciously like a guinea pig in another book we have here at the house.  I never can tell the difference myself…they are both under ther category of “gross rat” in my mind.  Well, Ruby thought this was a guinea pig, but knew it was supposed to start with the “H” sound…so she sang, “Hear the huh sound in the H words, huh in “henee pig” and in hat….”  It was hilarious.

A long time ago Molly and Ruby were having an argument over who was going to be first at something.  All you could hear was, “I’M first!”  “NO, I’M FIRST!!!”  “NO, I am FIRST.”  “ME!” and on and on.  I interrupted them and said, “Girls, the Bible says that whoever is first will be last and whoever is last will be first.”  Molly looked and me and said in a solemn voice, “I will be last.”  After a few seconds of silence, she looked at me and said, very seriously, “Does that mean I’m first?”  Again, a hilarious moment.

Molly asked approximately 547, 349 times for a popsicle today.  I have decided not to ever buy a popsicle again.  When they aren’t here, she doesn’t ask.  If they are here, that is all she asks.  It will make a woman crazy.

We have had a great Labor Day weekend and have enjoyed good food and fun family time, as well as wonderful times with friends.  We are blessed, that is for sure!  If I get around to it, I will post some pictures later.