The house is so quiet right now.  Ruby is at school.  Mack is upstairs in his bed sleeping.  Molly is in my room, on my bed, sleeping.  AH.  Nice.  My kitchen is clean…as clean as a kitchen can be serving three meals a day to hungry little people who still can’t bring their utensil to their mouths without spilling a little here and there.  We’re working on that though.  Laundry is caught up…as much as laundry can be caught up in a home with five people who change into new clothes each day (sometimes more if you are Ruby or Molly).  Clean bathrooms…as clean as ……ok, you get the point.  Things are in order and nothing is screaming at me, “GET UP AND DO THIS RIGHT NOW.”  I like that.

We have been busy this week.  I could post pictures, but I don’t want to right now.  Ruby had school on Tuesday, as did Molly.  We did school at home on Wednesday and went to church that night.  Thursday was low-key with schooling at home and going on a field trip to the local Fire Station, and now it is Friday!  It is rainy, cool and I am going to make chili tonight.  Josh bought a couple of doors that we are going to TRY to paint and fix into headboards for the girl’s beds.  I will take pictures and post them IF  it all turns out as wonderful as I think it will.

So, here’s to a fun, laid-back September weekend with the family.  And Happy Birthday to Vance!  Sorry we aren’t there to eat up some cake and ice cream with you.

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I’ll eat your piece of cake 🙂

    And have a nice, relaxing weekend…sounds wonderful.

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