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We have been in school for about a month now.  Things are going quite well.  We have done all of our assignments, and I have only forgotten to send in Ruby’s phonics pages one time.  The reason being that my brain cells were completely fried after working with her on this poster:

DSC_0001This is a poster all about Ruby.  She is the “Student of the Week” and has to make a poster that will tell her class members more about herself than they already know.  We included her full name, her birthday, her favorite colors, songs, food, dessert, game, and pictures of her grandparents, fun things she has done, friends and pictures of her as she became a big sister to Molly and then to Mack.  It turned out really cute, but it was exhausting.  First of all, Ruby isn’t in to crafty things.  She’d rather be running outside or watching a movie….give your scissors and glue to Molly.  Anyway, she did well on this project.  At the end, when it was all over and looking good, she said, “Oh, and I like to color.”  I said, “Yeah, you do like to color.  Do you want to write that as your favorite hobby?” (in the section of “favorites,” of course).  Her reply was, “Hobby?  No.  I want to write ‘I like coloring.’  You just tell me the letters.”  And she picked up her marker, waiting on me to tell her how to write it out.  “UM, Ruby, where are you going to write it?  Are you sure you want that on here?  There doesn’t seem to be any room for…”  She interrupted me.  “Mama, just tell me the letters.  I will write, ‘I like coloring.’  right here.”  “I-L-I-K-E-…Ruby, your letters are getting bigger ann bigger…C-O-L-O-R-I-N-G…..Great, Ruby, great.”  Then, I took it away from her and hanged it up so she couldn’t do anything else to it so that it could dry and not get messed up in the kitchen.


I am glad it is over.  I think it turned out just perfect, too.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall in her classroom on Friday while she tells the class about herself and her family.

3 thoughts on “The poster

  1. looks like ya’ll did a good job on your project….i mean RUBY’S project! 🙂 that is so great that she got student of the week! way to go ruby!!

  2. That is funny…I wish I could see/hear Ruby singing her fave songs to the class;) BTW, don’t you have a problem typing “hanged it up”…I’m sure it’s proper as I know how gramatically correct you are…but it just sounds so wrong!

  3. I am so proud of you for letting Ruby have “creative freedom” on this project. I can only imagine how proud she will be on Friday!!!

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