Mack, again.

Today I went to my friend, Mary’s, house to get some medicine that she says will help with a potential UTI.  We’ll see…I sure hope it does help.  BUT, while I was there, I found a cute bike in her garage!!!  It is a hot wheels bike with flames and a race car number and all.  She is having a huge yard sale next weekend to raise money for her 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk.  I did give her some money for the bike, but she probably could have made more if I had left it in her sale.  I also found a cute, cute rocking chair.  I want to paint it black to match some other porch chairs we have.  Here is what Mack wanted to do as soon as I unloaded the car,

DSC_0001He is so funny.  I guess he might need the helmet on if he decided to get crazy with the rocking chair on the porch.  You never know with him.  What were the girls doing, you ask?  They fell asleep in the car, so I left their doors open and the garage door open and let them finish their nap.  It was all for the best.  

Now, off I go to clean toilets.  Fun, huh?

4 thoughts on “Mack, again.

  1. haha! you sound like me with the yard sale find!! we bought jud a hot wheels at a yard sale….it doesn’t exactly have flames and a race number…it’s pink and purple! so glad you bought the “boy” one! josh would have had a heart attack! can’t wait to see pics of him actually riding it! and mack is smarter than you think…kaybeth feel off of a rocking chair like that and busted her forehead open! he must know how “they” can throw you off!! haha!

  2. Girl, if I could get my three boys to wear helmets 24/7, I just might do it!! LOL! I think we hold a record for head injuries at our pediatricians office. 🙂

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