Scared Baby

Molly and I were sitting at the computer looking at old pictures together.  She likes to do that.  I asked her, “Molly, do you remember when Mack was like this?”

DSC03237There was silence, then she asked, “Was he scared?”  I can see that.  I can also see that response after looking at this picture, too.

DSC03559It does look like he is either scared or just so fat that he cannot even move his eyes!  Oh my goodness.  He was so chubby!!!!

And then I saw this picture of Ruby:

DSC04278Awwww… sweet of a face is that?!  She hadn’t even started getting her freckles yet.  It reminded me that I haven’t told the story from when I picked her up from school on Friday.  She had four tootsie rolls, two packs of sweet tarts, and a lollipop and Laffy Taffy in her bag.  She said she got all that candy from answering questions right this week.  Mack was hollering out for the tootsie rolls, as was Molly.  I handed them some candy and told Ruby I noticed that she didn’t like any of that candy.  I asked her if there was any candy in the teacher’s drawer that she liked, and she said no.  Then, she said something soooo sweet.  She said, “I just look in there and pick out the ones that my family would like.”  Sweet girl–thinking of Molly and Mack while she picks out the candy she is rewarded with.  I wanted to stop the car and give her a big bear hug for being so thoughtful.  She is definitely growing up.

DSC04810And this picture above is a sweet picture of Molly smiling at Ruby.  She was probably 2 years old.  She thought it was funny when we saw a picture of her in a diaper.  Thank goodness we only have one kid in diapers.  He even tells me when he wants to go poop in the potty!  And then he does it.  Maybe by Christmas we can be out of diapers…probably wishful thinking, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

OK, now off to greet some folks who are making their way to our house for a LOVELOUD meeting.  I will take some pictures and share them later.  Should be a fun evening!

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  1. That is THE sweetest picture of Ruby. I don’t remember ever seeing that one. Yes, the kids are growing up so fast. I am getting better everyday and we look forward to them coming and staying with us for a few days.

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