Don’t want to forget this-

It all started back when we lived on Towey Trail (we only moved a month and a half ago, but still).  Mack and I would say our goodbyes to the girls and their Daddy in their room and make our way to the closet of his room.  We would wait quietly, giggling and he would wrap his soft, chubby arm around my neck and say, “Where Daddy?” or “Hide.”  We were in the closet “hiding” from Josh.  We went here every night, yet when Josh would somehow find us–after looking under Mack’s crib, behind the tractor, etc—Mack would be so excited and laugh and laugh and say, “Gen (again).”  It was so cute.  Actually, not was, but still is.  We leave the girls and their Daddy and run off to hide in the closet.  It is so funny how he really thinks we are hiding from Josh.  And he still laughs hysterically when Josh finds us.  Oh, I hope I can always remember this time.  I am sure one day it will not be cool to hide in the closet with your mama.  He’s a cutie.

By the way, Marcy, this is the Mickey shirt I was telling you about….not sure if you think it is too girly or not…Josh seems to think so.  


3 thoughts on “Don’t want to forget this-

  1. LOVE the shirt…I might try to wear it myself…j/k! I would TOTALLY let Vance wear that shirt when he gets to meet Mickey face-to-face this October. And I love the hiding story. Mack’s chubby little arm around you in the closet…such a sweet boy!!!

  2. cute story! i too love the mickey shirt! by the way, marcy, i think you should get 4 of them and the entire family wear them at disney! haha!! i’m sure jesse would LOVE that! 🙂

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