Sweet Molly and Mack

Just wanted to mention that Molly has been so wonderful the past two and a half days (but who is counting?!).  Seriously, I should have mentioned that she was so sweet to Ruby on her birthday in so many ways.  I am proud of her for letting Ruby have her time to shine on her birthday!  That isn’t always easy, but she pampered her and let Ruby feel special.  Just thought I should mention it…..And Molly has told me she loved me about a thousand times in the past couple of days.  She loves me.  How sweet.

And tonight after being away from each other for two and a half hours, Mack kept saying to me, “Wid me”  I didn’t know what he meant at first, but then realized he wanted me to sit down with him.  When I told him I would sit with him, he started telling me to “walk, Mama, walk.”  I think he was saying, ‘hurry up and get over here and sit down with me!’  I sat down with him, and he was happy as could be.  Sweet kiddos.

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