Full weekend with Molly

Oh, Molly, that girl!  I spent so much time with her this weekend that I wonder if a grandma, grandpa or distant relative would like to come and take her off my hands for a few days???  Kidding.  I could only stand two full days away from her.  Kidding again.


What a precious little face!
What a precious little face!

Ruby spent the night away from home on Friday because she went to the zoo with Katherine and the whole Koester Clan.  (She had a blast!)  I spent all day Friday with Molly and Mack.  We went to Wal-Mart and shopping has never been easier.  Shopping with two truly was a breeze.  And they weren’t even bribed with a slushee!  Not that I usually bribe with a slushee, but almost every time I do.

Josh got home at a good time, so we all went out to see the house.  On the ride out there Molly fell asleep.  It was probably because she hadn’t stopped talking all day.  The nap time allowed for Josh and I to actually talk in the car to each other.  We went to the Mexican restaurant because Molly wanted to eat chips and cheese dip.  Mack didn’t protest.  He can’t turn away a good burrito…or a bad one.  The boy can eat.


Mack with the doughnut Mrs. Mary left with them when she picked up Ruby for the zoo trip.
Mack with the doughnut Mrs. Mary left with them when she picked up Ruby for the zoo trip.


So after dinner, Molly and I dropped the boys off at home and left for a place called EARTH, PAINT AND FIRE.  You paint a piece of pottery there, then they fire it and you pick it up in a week.  I thought Molly would love it!  All day she kept asking me when we were going “to paint Hollery Yarn Kids.”  She thought we were going to paint the store, Pottery Barn Kids.  I tried all day to explain what we were doing, but it always came back to that.  Once we were alone in the car together, she did not stop talking.  At all.  Itwaslikeshewasn’ttakingabreathandjustspeakinginonelongsentence.  Oh my.  She was thrilled to be able to pick something to paint.  She ended up choosing a spoon rest for the kitchen, which I actually do need!  So, we pick our paint colors and our brushes and we get to painting.  Shestillwastalkingnon-stop.  She got about halfway through with painting the spoon rest and decided she didn’t really want to paint the spoon rest, but wanted a dolphin….”No, Molly, we aren’t painting a dolphin.”  She ended up choosing a monkey to paint.  I sat there finishing the spoon rest while Molly started in on the monkey.  She was just a painting and painting and wanting more and more paint…and more and more paint…and several more brushes…and more paint.  The monkey was about six inches high and ten inches long or so.  I am not good with measurements, but it was a tiny monkey with a lot of paint on it.  THEN, I took my brush and made a tiny, tiny stroke on the monkey’s tail to show her that she needed to finish up his tail.  NOT A GOOD DECISION ON MY PART.  (In the most whiney voice imaginable..)”Mama, this is my monkey.  I did not want you to touch my monkey.  I wanted to paint my monkey, but you painted my monkey.  I want to pick something else to paint.”  BUT, you see, each little thing she picked to paint was costing me money, so “NO, MOLLY.  You are not getting another something to paint.”  I then proceeded to use water on a brush to get off the stroke of paint that I put on HER monkey’s tail.  That appeased her until she was done painting the monkey and wanted something else to paint.  We had to get out of there.  And we did.  $33.68 later.  I am not sure at all how that happened.  I will show you the pictures later, and you will wonder how that happened as well.

AFTER painting Pottery Barn, we went to Rita’s because I had a free treat coupon Molly loves frozen treats of any kind!  We ordered her a cone with Chocolate and Vanilla, so she was thrilled.  And let me interject that she has still been talking allthistime.  Seriously.  She got up a hundred times from the chair to “get a napkin for my mouth.”  We came home, and I was mentally exhausted.  She got up several times Friday night…she likes to holler down the stairs, “I really miss mommy.”  “Tell mommy I love her.”  Or my personal favorite, “I need to come down and tell mommy something in her ear.” She also wanted to know when Ruby would be home from the jungle.  (How funny is that?!)

 Saturday morning came way too soon, and she and I and Mack stayed home from the Easter Egg Hunt because she had a runny nose, my head was killing me and she had gotten up all throughout the night!  So I had another morning full of Molly-talk.  But here’s the thing…she DOES NOT TALK FOR OTHER PEOPLE.  She woke up Saturday night with an ear ache, so she stayed with me during Sunday School and church.  She found several laps to sit in, but I am doubtful she spoke ten words the whole two and a half hours to other people.  THEN, after lunch, I took her to an urgent center to get some antibiotics for her ear infection.  She talked the ENTIRE time in the car.  I finally told her that because she didn’t feel well (?) she should stop talking and lay her head over on her carseat.  And stop talking.  She did and went to sleep.  A sweet 10 minutes.  She woke up talking away…”I went to sleep.  Now we are here.  This is where Mack came ‘yesterday.’  Did he get a shot?  Will I get a shot?  What color is the doctor’s face?  Will I get a lollipop?  Can I sit in your lap?”  When we went back to see the nurse and doctor, they talked to Molly and asked her, “How old are you?”


 “Does your ear hurt?”


“Which ear hurts?”  


“What is your favorite thing to eat?”  

Nothing.  No smile, no nods, no nothing!  It is strange, I tell you.  

Sure enough, she had an ear infection.  We got the antibiotic, came home, I gave her the antibiotic, forgot to give the Ibuprofen, so off she went to sleep, and woke up with a major fever.  GREAT MOM!  I forgot to give her Ibuprofen for her fever.  UGH.  So I gave it to her, and she sat with me in church Sunday night, too. 

I truly did enjoy my time with Molly, but it is not for the faint of heart.  You must be prepared.  There can be no under-lying frustrations of any kind that could be agitated.  She is a sweet little girl that can talk.  And talk.  And talk.  She does ask every now and then, “Do I talk a lot?”  Then, she keeps right on talking.  Love her!


Why did I pick that shirt for our girl's night???  She is cute.
Why did I pick that shirt for our girl's night??("daddy's little girl") She is cute.
She wanted no help with her ice cream.  None.
She wanted no help with her ice cream. None.





A wonderful weekend!  We are looking forward to this week of No dance, NO Timothy handwriting class, NO cubbies on Wednesday….and a wonderful week of looking forward to Easter Sunday!  The weather is going to be COLD Monday and Tuesday, which irritates the living stew out of me, but what can you do?  I suppose we are meant to stay in pajamas, get laundry done, and paint FOR FREE right here in our house during Spring Break.

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  1. Kristy,

    You are so funny!!! We have a nonstoptalker too, so I feel your pain. Also, a big HOORAY for a no dance, no school, no sparks/puggles week where we stay home and wear pajamas (or whatever princess outfit strikes the fancy) from the Anderson girls!!

  2. This Gran would love to have Molly spend the day with me. She is so independent and so high maintainance at the same time. Yes, she talks and wants something every minute of the day. You can’t be faint of heart with Molly but she is the sweetest, most giving child I know. I love that girl!

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